death of environmentalism?

I'm struck by how the Left seems to be very sharply divided right now between those who are still clinging to the past and those who are doing what it takes to move on. Some within the Democratic party fold, including moveon.org, don't seem to have learned anything. It is refreshing though to encounter others who are using the experience of being unequivocal outsiders to ask some deep questions not just about what went wrong in November but also how we might radically rethink how to take on the serious challenges that the future will undoubtedly bring. One of the clearest examples of this kind of fearlessly clearheaded thinking is "Death of Environmentalism: Global Warming Politics in a Post-Environmental World" (pdf). (via salon.com by way of Nonprofit Online News). This paper deals mainly with the environmentalist movement, but there is clearly much food for thought for everyone on the Left. It is important to remember that the Republicans didn't get control of all three branches of government by taking a centrist path.