the importance of insisting on an activist approach

In a comment to this post by Morgaine, Ravenmn urges the P! group to insist on an activist bias in our approach here. That speaks to the main reason I wanted to be a part of this group project. P! has had a very explicit commitment to taking action, from its very inception.

We are still very new at this and haven't yet found our exact niche, but already there are some threads emerging. From the very start we've been clear about wanting to be a vital catalyst in whatever emerging progressive populist movement might be afoot. By becoming a part of P!, we each acknowledged a commitment to ideals relating to a "power to the people" populism guided by the sort of progressive spirit that fully embraces diversity and that affirms the very best of what it means to be human.

Since we see ourselves as being a part of a movement, a big piece of what we can do is encourage collective action. Morgaine really hit the nail on the head in her post. What progressive populism stands for appeals to the broadest base possible, and that is more than a match for the money of those whom we are up against. There is much work involved in the building of a movement, but one of the most crucial is just creating some "sticky" spaces where people can connect with other like minded travelers, get in sync with each other, work out specific strategies, whatever.

Those who stand to gain from an emerging progressive populist movement are not currently very united. One of the main things that needs to happen is that the movement is going to have to hammer out the sort of vision that can inspire unity among the many who truly belong together. That sort of vision is usually gleaned rather than forced.

Even though we may seem like just another bunch of chattering intellectuals, the most important thing we're doing showing up for duty. We've definitely got our work cut out for us.