Ms. Musings: Glass Ceilings, Glass Slippers: Extended Comments

Maureen Dowd's recent article called Men Just want Mommy rattled quite a few cages.

In a stunning act of misogyny, a researcher at University of Michigan has made me excessively relieved that I decided to forego U of M in favor of Wayne State, which was known for its outstanding Psych. Department.

My comments at Ms.Musings were as follows:

"What a ridiculous conclusion to draw from that study. It amazes me when women will take such a misogynist position to gain personal favor in their careers. Aside from the fact that we are so obviously conditioned as men to marry down, and as women to take care of others, the study showed not a difference linked to gender, but to entitlement.

Any human would prefer to be served and pampered than to be challenged. We all like having our own way in things. Men have traditionally achieved more because they traditionally had a support system that career women have not. It's easier to excel in your career if you don't have to worry about preparing dinner, clothes to be worn the next day, children to tend, etc. Things only even out when a woman has enough money to hire the services men have traditionally expected to be provided freely and eagerly by a wife. Career women need wives, too. Who doesn't?

We need to re-envision relationships to include support for the primary earner, or make it easier for women who aren't wealthy to work and maintain their homes."

I expand on those comments extensively here.