Republican Congressman breaks ranks on Iraq!

From the Raleigh, NC area News & Observer this morning:
Coble says it may be time to pull out of Iraq
By DAVID BRACKEN, Staff Writer

Rep. Howard Coble, a Greensboro Republican who supported the invasion of Iraq, said Sunday that it's time to consider withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq.

Coble said mounting casualties in Iraq have led him to say publicly what few political leaders, Democratic or Republican, have been willing to discuss.

"I got fed up with picking up the paper and reading 12 to 15 American soldiers killed," he said. "How many will we lose tomorrow?

In contrast, Congressman Brad Miller, a Raleigh establishment-liberal Democrat, whose district was crawling with Kerry-Edwards bumper-stickered SUVs before the "election", stated publicly that he does NOT support withdrawal.