beyond groupthink

A couple of my favoirite bloggers, Harry of "Scratchings" and et alia, have begun collaborating with each other in a newly remodeled version of the former's blog.

Here's an excerpt from a great post there by et alia (Check it out):

'As I recall, the space shuttle Challenger exploded because the decision to launch was made based on “management judgment,” rather than “engineering judgment,” which is equivalent to saying that a consensus of the ignorant and powerful trumped the physical and engineering facts of the matter. I suspect the same dynamic is at work here; those with immediate power within Dem organizations are dictating an objectively incoherent agenda—or perhaps trying to actively alienate activist, reformist elements. Which one may be the case doesn't matter, because they are in effect the same. Part and parcel with this is the after-the-fact glorification of Bill Clinton as the Democrat's Reagan, a charismatic pol who presided over golden years for our country. Mentioning that he likely owed both his victories to Ross Perot would be ill-mannered.'

And this link that I found by way of one of Harry's posts (and from which the following excerpt is lifted) is worth checking out.

". . . despite the propaganda to the contrary loyally dispensed by a gullible media, the politics of the Democratic Leadership Council, the Third Wave, and the Clintons has been a bust.

Meanwhile, the two essential qualities of successful Democratic campaigns - a populist platform aimed at doing the mostest for the mostest while helping the weakest become part of the mostest - combined with a fervent vision of a future worth fighting for - simply disappeared."