A little light

Yeah, so, the bunch of us have been a little light on our posts the past few days. Yuh wanna make sumpin' outta dat? Dis here "vision statement" stuff takes, like, alotta energy, so give us a break ova heah, aw-ite?

Anyway... so much "news", so little truth:

So Wowie Howie Dean is new DNC Chair. Guess all that DFA organizing paid off, eh? Or did it? Remains to be seen, but we don't really get to find out until the next election cycle, and meanwhile our government and society continue to crumble. Remember that I recently reminded you that systems change people, people don't change systems. Dean is already showing his amenability to being pulled to the right, deferring to Congress when asked about his anti-war dance stance. Please recall that Dean is a moderate who ran as a progressive, just as Kerry was an old-line neoliberal who ran as a . . . oh, never mind. All in all, I just wish all the DFAs and Deaniacs had put their energy into real change, because I think what we have here is what LBJ would call "pulling the camel into the tent."

So there was an election in Iraq (or in some of it, anyway). The Shi'ites won. The Sunnis, who boycotted the polls in record numbers, are now complaining that the vote was not representative. Great. Sounds just like us between 1970 and 1990. Two questions . . . does anyone in Iraq have reliable electricity yet? and will The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang tolerate a Shi'ite state with ties to Iran? I think the answer to both is the same.

With all the damned uproar about "style" and "diplomacy", how come nobody dwells on the fundamental truth: Ward Churchill is right! All he said was "you reap what you sow."

Will you please stop calling extremists "fundamentalists". One way to get at the truth is to be precise in your language. So don't listen to me . . . go read some Chomsky.

Go change something for the better. You heard me! Do it now.