New Revolution? You Betcha!!

If we had a "Blog of the Week" or a "New Blog to Watch" thingy here, right now it'd point to New Revolution, Eric Carlson's recent start-up.

This cat is a community college student in Oregon. And he's about (*gasp*) doing something, rather than just pointing fingers and wailing about what ain't gettin' done. He talks about taking personal responsibility and describes his values and hopes and actions he's already taken alone and with others. Dig this . . .
A group of 65 people can clean up anything. The transient camp was saturated with filth. There were literal mountains of garbage gathered, enough to easily fill two large dumpsters (not the kind outside of businesses, the kind used for construction) , unfortunately we only had one, but that will be for another day. We restored the beauty of the riparian zone with ease, and completed our project in only two hours, which was two hours faster than we thought it would take. This was a great example for me, in a way that a clean-up should be staged, or pretty much any sort of community help program.

With this clean-up I brought away some good knowledge for future community action works. First, it is important to publicize your cleanup/tree planting/what have you, in order to get allot of people to show up. Many hands really does make light work, I hardly felt like I did anything, as did many others, yet so many things were accomplished! A good idea for recruiting is to target fraternities and sororities, they will help with anything! Secondly, it is important to have a focused goal and stick to it. This is important, because when you start to veer away from your goal, your group loses focus and motivation. Thirdly, It is important to keep it short, the faster it can get done, the better. This will result in people willing to help again, and again. Lastly, it is a good idea to get some sort of snacks, and water. Even apple or orange slices, or some cookies, anything is appreciated.
This man, and others like him, embodies and exemplifies what I think are the necessary components of a populist, progressive, truly revolutionary movement. He deserves our support. Thanks for being here, Eric.