obnoxious liberal snobs

My friend and fellow P! blogger CJ just got back from a conference over the weekend and blogged about it in this post on her own blog. One of the things she writes about was how oppressive some of the implicit assumptions about educational level and choice of livelihood were. I've certainly encountered that sort of attitude among liberals myself. Isn't it strange that so many of them say they are pro-poor and claim to be aghast that workers are not being treated fairly but look down on those whom they consider to be their inferiors? I used to just find that mildly annoying until I found myself working in a blue collar job several years ago. What an education viewing liberal attitudes through that experience was.

I'm not wanting this to be just another liberal-bashing post though. The thing is that I have lived my whole life in what is now something of a kingpin of red states. I don't agree with the politics of most of my fellow Texans, but there are many of them to whom I would entrust my very life. Probably my greatest source of anger about what happened this past November was how clearly the Democrats had completely lost the ability to connect with many of the "bubbas" whom I believe represent a natural constituency within a true people's party. There is no need at all to pander to gun rights and gay bashing to connect with a lot of these guys. Just don't underestimate them.