One More Reason to Abandon the Liberals

As a follow-up to Morgaine's post on Ward Churchill . . . Dissident Voice offers two clips and links to Joshua Frank's take on this ("The Distortions of Acumen: Liberals Trash Ward Churchill" and "The Distortions of Acumen Continued: More Liberal Trashing of Ward Churchill"), as well as a clip and link to a piece by Carolyn Baker ("Ward Churchill And The Imminent Destruction of American Higher Education").

Doncha just LUV them lib'ruls? Call emseffs pergressives cuz "lib'rul" got tuh smellin' bad, then trashin' folks who're REALLY on the left when they get kinda, well, you know, UPPITY-like.

How 'bout if instead a exportin' "democracy" we just export lib'ruls.