Open Letter to Howard Dean

Dear Howard:

Congratulations. You've just become the leader of the most spineless, ineffective party in American History. Before I answer any of your numerous requests for donations, you're going to have to do something for me. You're going to have to prove to me that you can pull the party's collective head out of its considerable ass.

Chertoff passed the Senate 98-0. Apparently, there are no Democrats in the Senate. Silly me, I thought two of them just ran for President and VP. WTF?

Now, in their infinite lack of integrity, they are thinking of waffling on abortion rights. Do you think you'd have half the operating funds you have without the help of the numerous groups that work strictly on abortion rights? Have you yet pointed out that the Right Wing's ridiculous positions are creating a Culture of Death rather than life? That they want to enslave women with enforced pregnancy and prosecute them for their activities while pregnant? That millions of people will die needlessly because not-my-President won't release funds to any agency that says the word "condom"?

You've got work to do, Howard. If your party doesn't keep these hateful, horrible Christo-fascists from sending women back to the 18th century, women in this country will fucking bury the Democratic party. Is that clear enough?

Stop sending emails and start knocking heads on the hill.

Morgaine Swann