Blah! Blah! Blah!

Mokhiber & Weissman, yesterday on Common Dreams, advocate "A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action". Excerpt:
. . . we have access to every news outlet and web site in the world. We can communicate instantaneously with anyone we wish. There is a flood of quality information and informed criticism, more than we can use.

We can't keep up with it.

You can't keep up with it.

We are drowning.

You are drowning. We know this may sound strange coming from two writers who spend most of their time researching and writing and contributing to the flood.

But someone has to come up for air and scream: It's not making any difference!

Or as Hersh put it -- "It doesn't matter what we write. . Other presidents feel the heat, this one doesn't." To which we would add -- other politicians feel the heat, these don't.

As a citizenry outraged by this war in Iraq, and the possibility of wars against Syria and Iran, we must ask ourselves: will the flood of information break the dam? Or are we deluding ourselves into thinking that information matters? Shouldn't we be spending less time writing and more time organizing?

We can't predict. But we suspect this: We are at a tipping point. Bush can be pushed over. And we know for sure that Elvis wasn't talking about politics.

But his advice holds true for the here and now:

A little less conversation.

A little more action.
All I can really add is "ditto". Every day I'm more convinced that the problems we face are about a gazillian times bigger than any of us imagine; that the world isn't gonna end anytime real soon, but the next few years are gonna make the last 31/2 look like pleasant dim sum. American leftists can't seem to grasp the enormity of what's happening. We also can't seem to grasp the implications of an essential part of the problem: American leftists are, well . . . AMERICAN. Somehow, we want to keep and enjoy all the goodies we have while blaming the rich . . . and . . . we want "the bad guys" to change while refusing to look at our own laziness and complicity. We wanna go in big groups to "demonstrate" on March 19, then go back to our nice, warm homes to trash-talk about the lousy cops over a few beers. Yeah, we're screwed - but not just because of what "they" are doing and planning.