Freedom is on the March

Marriage is a human right. Unless you are prepared to say that some people are not human, then you must allow their basic human rights. - paraphrased Al Sharpton

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe court decision in California pointing out the obvious, "the denial of marriage to same-sex couples appears impermissibly arbitrary", means that we're in for a real media circus. Big Media will give equal time to raving homophobes and poorly prepped California crusaders for homosexual rights. Every sitting politican in the country will run screaming from the debate, and many of them will run directly to the Constitution to get their amendment on. The reality-based blogs will get behind the good guys, and the faith-based blogs will either get behind the crazies or ignore the matter altogether.

"...celebrations erupted at City Hall, as same-sex couples crowded into a news conference held by Newsom and other city officials. Marches and rallies were announced in at least a dozen other cities across the state."

Millions of Americans can, for the first time in history, see the possibility of equal treatment under the law and the recognition of their inalienable right to pursue happiness. Freedom is on the march, and it's rolling through California right now.

But while we're watching events unfold in California, it's important to remember that our many don't share our patriotic love of diversity,

"RIYADH - A gay couple was beaded in a public execution Sunday in Saudi Arabia after being convicted of killing a blackmailer. If they had been exposed as gay they could have been executed anyway.

Homosexuality is punishable by flogging, lengthy prison terms or death under Sharia Islamic law."

If you're going to take up the banner of human rights, get ready to run with it. Here in America, homosexuals are forced by the ruling culture to hide their sexuality or move to specific areas where a limited tolerance and isolated acceptance is practiced. This status quo is in danger of changing, and the armies of newly empowered evangelical kulturkops are righteously pissed. It's shocking to those who are pushing to eliminate evolution from serious scholarship that America might actually protect the rights of faggoty faggots. It's going to get ugly. The people who oppose Americans' right to marry are cousins to those who would lop off their heads. Freedom is going to lose a lot of battles as states pass man/woman marriage laws and dare the ACLU's legal team to bring it on. It's the mother of all wedge issues and may drive more people into the republican party as they dip their toes into the reality of the situation - they're surrounded by homos. Homosexuals cut their hair, do their taxes, sell their cars, lead their churches. This information is enough to make some peoples' heads explode.

Meanwhile, globally, the effort to establish basic human rights is barely off the ground. Our nation habitually overlooks sheer inhumanity for murderous political expedience. Slavery is still rampant in Africa. The global trade in children is on the rise. Nations torture prisoners who never receive a trial. But defending the basic human rights of our fellow free Americans is a great place to get started if you're new to this, and a great place to continue if you've been down since day one.