If You Watch the Michael Jackson Trial, Then the Terrorists Have Won

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI just saw on my local affiliate that it's Day One of the Michael Jackson trial, and I had such a shudder of OJPTSD that I rushed to find a way to contact as many Big Media sources as possible to register my revulsion with their programming choices.

This is the site that gives you the contact info - including email addresses - for any media you'd like to talk to. You could even tell them that you think Michael Jackson is the biggest damned affront to the popular sensibilities since his sister's titty. Whatever. I don't care. Just make it stop.

Here's what I wrote:

Dear Sirs,

While our fighting men and women risk their lives daily, while great injustices are perpetrated by governments and economic entities, while ordinary citizens are doing extraordinary things every day - your news organization is devoting and preparing to devote an absurd amount of time and energy in covering the trial of a former pop star.

I urge you to offer news that will help us to grow as a nation. Act as if you were offering a public service. We'll watch. If you wallow in sleaze, you'll be ridiculed and less relevant in the serious debate about America's future.

Thanks for your attention,

Gordon Smith

Write one. It's fun. Then cut and paste a mess of email addresses, and voila! You've written letters to all your local/preferred media. Go get 'em.

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