P! Vision, Principles, Purpose

The following statement about who we are is a product of a consensus reached by the P! Editorial Team, with contributions by several readers. Please join us in making it happen. Thank you to all who continue to support us - we hope we may support you and your efforts as well . . .

About P!

Our vision:

We envision an enlightened, expanding, and sustainable movement of peoples, guided by progressive, populist values and principles, which acts cooperatively and consistently to create conditions in which all on our planet may achieve justice, peace, and community.

Our mission:

We wish to identify and empower collective, constructive actions which exemplify our values and principles and which intend to make our vision a reality. We acknowledge and celebrate the power of emerging technologies and forms of communication and intend for our efforts to fully utilize them.

Our values and principles:

* all peoples have the inalienable right to self-determination and self-government, except when action to that purpose interferes with universal freedom, justice, peace, and community. Individual and shared rights are always informed by and subject to individual and shared responsibility for universal rights

* non-violent action is the most desired means of conflict resolution. Universal freedom, peace, justice, and community are best achieved through consensus, cooperation, and communication

* all wealth and power should be dispersed to benefit all peoples, with our maximum participation in all decisions pertaining to the use of that wealth, rather than accumulated and concentrated in and by the few

* self-restraint, tolerance, compassion, patience, and humility are most valued and practiced in the pursuit of freedom, peace, and community

We embrace and work for:

* equal access for all peoples to safety, security, sustenance, health and healthcare, autonomy, freedom, and justice

* individual and popular movements against all forms of oppression, exploitation, and aggression

* the abolition of oppression and discrimination based on gender identity; sexual orientation or preference; ethnicity; ability; appearance; age; political affiliation; social, marital, or economic status; and religious or spiritual beliefs and affiliations

* equal inclusion of all people in decision-making processes, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation/preference; ethnicity, ability, age, political affiliation, social, marital, or economic status, and religious or spiritual beliefs and affiliations. This includes, but is not limited to, business transactions, governmental processes, and community leadership

* We assert that all individuals have a right to sexual autonomy and freedom. Every individual must have access reproductive and sexual healthcare, including accurate and complete information regarding birth control. We encourage the continued development, legalization, and dissemination of alternatives to pregnancy and abortion. We acknowledge the inherent and inalienable right of all women to self-determination in reproductive choice, including access to safe and legal means to terminate pregnancy. We oppose the practice of female genital mutilation. We acknowledge the historical forces in many societies of patriarchal oppression, and seek to overcome, through education and collective action, the ignorance that fosters that oppression

* community responsibility in providing and caring for children

* the right and means of all individuals and peoples to protect and defend themselves from aggression of any and every kind

* the right of all individuals and peoples to express themselves in ways of their own determination without fear of reprisal

* the right of all individuals to fair and sufficient compensation for the product of their labor; the right of all individuals who desire employment to have equal access to and opportunity for safe, meaningful, and productive work; the right and necessity of all persons in the employ of others to the means of unionization and collective bargaining

* the abolition of the exploitation of children through forced labor, military service, slavery, arranged marriage, and military service

* the right of all individuals to a free, high quality, secular education

* the identification and development of economic, political, and social systems which eliminate exploitation and enhance universal prosperity

* any and all efforts to restore ecological/environmental balance and harmony, reducing and/or eliminating the negative effects of humanity's presence on our planet and other impacted systems, certainly including the general welfare of all peoples

* the insurance of enlightened involvement in self-government through the elimination of secrecy in government and other conventions which separate governments from the governed

* individual and popular movements to rescind fascism/corporatism and corporate personhood while generating corporate responsibility to the peoples and ecological well-being

* individual and popular movements to eliminate militarism and the development, production, and distribution of weapons and weapons systems

* the increased development and open distribution of technologies and systems which contribute to universal peace, security, justice, and well-being; considered restraint in the development and implementation of technologies and systems which may cause ecological imbalance and/or physiological imbalance in the population