On being convinced . . .

Rickie Sanctimonius Santorum sez that the fact that Judge Roberts' wife volunteers her services to an anti-abortion brigade group has no bearing on his appropriateness for a Supreme Court seat. An', well, sheeit, that's all I need . . . how 'bout you, Morgaine?

I mean, the fact that Santorum is a twisted, ignorant, bigotted, mysogenistic, fascist sycophant certainly has no bearing on his appropriateness for a Senate leadership position. So what's the problem?

Hmph. I've about had it. This keeps up, I swear to god I'm gonna out Karl Rove's role as an undercover mole in the White House, working for both the ACLU and the southeast Asian sex industry. We'll see what Scooter Liddy Libby has to say about THAT puppy.

[Yeah, Bill . . . I'm back]