Giving credit where credit's due . . .

Success!!! It's becoming clear that the Doubleduh-Cheney Gang has succeeded in deposing a brutal dictator; bombing the shit out of a country; killing and maiming thousands of people; destroying its infrastructure, economy, and much of its culture; reducing safety, security, health, and well-being to sub-zero; using a faux-democratic process to install a repressive Shi'ite theocracy with no hope of governing most of the country; creating a multi-factional civil war theatre that'll make Lebanon seem like Disneyland. Democracy will not happen there. Neither will the no-holds-barred, pure, free-market experiment that was the only real reason these monsters went in there in the first place.

Question #1: is it possible that all this was undertaken to cover up the fact that Dick Cheney in fact did not make it through his last heart operation and is actually a robotic clone?

Question #2: if we're now fighting to honor the dead then don't we just get more dead into perpetuity?

Question #3: is it true that the CIA is now absolutely bullshit at Pat Robertson for outing their plot to ice Chavez?

Question #4: when will somebody figure out that Halliburton is raking in the bucks by selling used cars to suicide bombers?

So, la-dee-dah, only seventeen more shopping days 'til September 11.