LiP | Feature | The Revolution Will Not Be Funded

by Andrea del Moral

This is an interesting article about how the limits imposed on Non-Profit organizations actually serve to channel money back into right wing causes. It explains very clearly why movements for liberal social change aren't working. The system siphons off our energy trying to recruit funding that will go to a corporate structure of professional bureaucrats. We lose our radical edge trying to fit into the corporate framework required by the IRS, and we waste energy that would be better spent in direct action.

I'm becoming very suspicious of the big non-profits. My inbox is stuffed with requests for donations every day, but I don't see these organizations taking significant action. Issuing a statement now and then, maybe a conference or a protest every few years is not populist and it's not activism.

I just found out recently that Planned Parenthood doesn't have a sliding scale for low income women any more. That means it's all but useless to poor women, and believe me, it's not like it was a great deal before -- it was just the only deal in town.

Please read this article, and post your thoughts as to how we go about organizing in ways that don't channel money back to the right wing. I'm open to suggestions.