On choices . . .

In the post just before this one, fellow editor Morgaine poses a central question and finely conveys my own sense of despair. "What choices", indeed?

I've asked the same question innumerable times; and during my recent illness, I had to face the issue head-on again, in a way I've done only once before in my life. Interestingly, I came up with exactly the same answers this time as I had that previous one: (1) I have limitless choices; (2) I cannot win a head-on battle with a superior force; (3) I am personally responsible to some degree for what happens in the universe; (4) each personal choice I make to some degree effects the universe and everything in it. Yeah, yeah, the old "butterfly in the desert" gig. The difference between me and that butterfly is that I have choices.

How does this translate to action on a daily basis? 'Though I'd really love to take Doubleduh's digit and shove it up his ass up to the elbow, that ain't gonna happen. More important, it wouldn't change anything for the better. Anyway, every day I feel more and more sorry for the witless SOB. Talk about arrested development - keerist! At least Reagan waited until late in his presidency to exhibit such mental deficiency. But - and of course I've said this a thousand times - it ain't Doubleduh's fault. George, Dick, Karl, Scooter, Negroponte, O'Reilly, Coulter, Santorum, DeLay . . . none of these folks are my problem. I mean I wouldn't accept a drink from any of'em (or even give'em CPR, either), but I can't waste my time worrying about'em, either.

My point here is that most of'em'll be gone in a coupla years, only to be replaced by Hillary, any number of white guys named John, or [fill in the blank with a blank]. Our only hope is they all freeze their asses off in New Hampshire before the next Iowa caucuses.

You folks who've tried to follow my hapless, broken trip in the blogoswamp the past few years know that I am convinced of two political realities: (1) this country is not now nor ever was intended to be a democracy and, therefore, (2) the solution(s) to our dire predicament are not to be found primarily in the "democratic" political process. In short, the pro-democratic, anti-corporatist, anti-evangelist forces are no match for the great evil that is being perpetrated by the uber-rich and uber-powerful. The only reason we haven't been imprisoned is that we're not really a threat.

Our most immediate needs are to completely face this reality and to make effective personal choices of integrity. My most potent political actions are based in how I live.

Before I mention this possible resource for us, I need to say unequivocably that I am not advocating that you approach it as some approach a religion. Having said that, let me recommend The Simple Living Network. Here's a little clip from their website . . .
We believe that over-consumption stands at the center of the many problems our planet faces. This may sound strange coming from a group of people operating a web site and catalog. Nonetheless, we hope that you choose to purchase less "stuff" after visiting our web site, and that the "stuff" you do purchase is more earth-friendly than what you purchased before. We hope our web site helps you discover what is "enough" in your life (without sacrifice or deprivation). Our goal is to share with you the many paths of simple living. Our goal is to help you find meaning and purpose in all that you do. We are encouraging conscientious consumerism through making informed lifestyle choices.
Whether you use this or other resources, I hope that you will embrace integrity, reject terminal narcissism, place responsibility above "rights", and pick your battles well.

While I'm on it . . . Darfur and Niger . . . how the fuck have we let these happen???