Question of the day . . . and other meanderings

Question: if "Intelligent Design" is the basis of creation, how the hell did Doubleduh get to be preznut??

It's certainly not surprising that the ole Cheney Gang is fixin' tuh nook Iran. I'm not quite sure what's prevented them from doing it so far. Gotta figger eacha them bombs is gonna have a picture a' Doubleduh's raised middle digit on the nose. Please remember that a major characteristic of psychopathy and sociopathy is the normalization of insane behavior. Kinda makes yuh wish the Soviet Union was still around. Think about it. And the more you own, the more you lose when the really hard rain falls. "Come you masters of war . . ."

Wanna publicly and joyously thank Michael Miller of Public Domain Progress for a number of things . . . his continuous support throughout my ups 'n' downs; his insightful comments here and on my old blog, ddjangoWIrE; for the quality and consistency of his work on PDP; and for being much more on top of the corporate personhood issue than I've been. In a recent comment here, he recommends Living Small as another resource in the living simply movement. Thanks, Michael.

Recommended read . . . "Inside Bush's 'World Movement for Democracy'" by Tom Barry for CounterPunch.

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