Will the piper get paid?

Man, I been through some pretty bad shit in my time . . . the '89 earthquake in the Bay Area, the '78 blizzard in Massachusetts, and the '56 Christmas floods near Eureka. But I can't begin to imagine what it's like to be in Biloxi or Gulfport or New Orleans today. And the worst is yet to come.

How do we adequately take care of all those thousands of people who've lost everything? The great majority were impoverished to begin with and now have nothing.

How do we deal with the environmental disaster? I don't mean the natural yin and yang of sea-storm vs. land. I mean the stew of chemicals and petroleum and decomposing bodies of humans and other animals and sewage and rich biology.

The least surprising to me is the screaming absence of coherent government, especially the feds. Last I heard, it's what, 4500 National Guard folks? Can't get the trapped folks out and can't get adequate food, clean water, and medicine in to them. So the fucking idiots in Washington are sending four warships around to help. What the fuck are they gonna do, sit off shore and shell what's left of Bourbon Street? And Doubleduh decided to "cut his vacation short" to return to Washington to "co-ordinate the relief effort." The son of a bitch otta be in Biloxi carrying people on his back.

Friends, we're about to experience quite graphically the catastrophic results of the Doubleduh-Cheney Gang's rape of the government. Resources will not be there; economic disaster will ensue; the risk of cholera, or plague, or whatever will rise; many, many more will die. At least two Gulf cities have ceased to exist and a third will be a fetid, flooded ghost town for months, if not years.

The only good that may come of this, I fear, is that Katrina - not Cindy - may be the force that breaks the back of neo-conservative "government". One way or another, it's time to pay the piper.
Some readings in support of my opinions here:

"Twenty Things We Now Know Four Years After 9/11" by Bernard Weiner, Co-Editor, The Crisis Papers.

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