Don't Agonize . . . POLITICIZE!!

What does a liberal do when someone calls her a liberal? Denies it. Remember when the Doubleduh-Cheney Gang was gearing up to lower the taxes on rich folks (and lower the boom on the rest of us)? When lefties complained, Preznut Bunnypants accused us of waging class war. That shut a lot of lefties up (not US, no SIR, we're ANTI-war!!).

Now folks are scared of being accused of politicizing the Gulf Coast Holocaust. As if telling the truth and bringing our genocidal governments to justice are some sort of sin.

I wanted to puke watching Pelosi demanding that Mike "Horsefeathers" Brown be shitcanned. Couldn't help but think of the nasty Queen and "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!" The complicity of the Dumbocrats continues unabashed and unabated. What Dancey Nancy really wants is to identify the patsy, execute him, and thereby avoid anybody asking about her party's contribution to systematic government dismantling.

"Rescuing America: A 9-Step Plan" by AlterNet's Van Jones begins, "The tragedy of Katrina offers progressives the rare opportunity to step in with vision, courage and leadership." Here's a clip:
4. Resolve not to lose a single moment, pacing back and forth, wringing our hands and trying not to appear too "partisan" or "blaming." Of course, the Republicans are going to howl that we are "finger-pointing" or "exploiting the tragedy." What else can they say for themselves at this point? That Bush did a good job? Let them call us names. Let us stay focused on ensuring that the thousands who perished did not die in vain.

But let me offer a pragmatic, concrete suggestion about how to politicize . . .

How much danger is your community in? If something like Katrina were to happen in Cincinatti or Eugene or Portland or Topeka, how many would be left behind to die given the status quo? How much have the policies of the Doubleduh-Cheney Gang eroded the infrastructure and resources in your community? Well, FIND OUT, dammit . . . then demand that it be fixed.