Scornpiracy Teary (or "What Did I Start Here NOW?")

OK. So I'm not gonna tell you whether I was kidding yesterday or not. I mean, I got reporters with the P! News Service all over the damn place. But I'm not real sure what we've stumbled into ovah heah . . .

First, this cat ptg comments on my revelatory post about nuking Rita and so I look around and discover that he opines on his own blog that I'm hiding my true Marxist sentiments under a stealthy cloak of progressive/populist appellations and rhetoric. Gasp! Well, shit, man . . . I didn't mean to hide my redness. How can I make it more visible? I suppose, though, that I'm fair game, since 95% of Democrats are trying to hide their creeping fascist allegiance beneath the same progressive/populist appellations and rhetoric.

Anyway, so ptg points me to Girls Go Fishing, where, I find, there seems to be support (or sort of) for something like what we reported here yesterday. Excerpts from "Hurricane Storm Surge As A Weapon":
Why has 'storm-surge' become the deadliest aspect of this 2005 hurricane season? Is it really a coincidence that these hurricane-induced tsunamis just happen to be occurring less than a year post-Indonesia tsunami? Why not 5 years ago..or 20 years ago? Why only since Bush took power have all these horrific unimaginable catastrophes with massive loss of life taken place around the world, military, and via seemingly natural catastrophes?

Think about it!

Why weren't "storm-surges" displaying weaponistic tsunami tendancies in the many hurricane seasons which preceded the Indonesian tsunami? Global warming has been around for ages. Why the cluster and sudden escalation? Louisiana's hurricane Katrina storm-surge was predicted to be a wopping 18 feet, yet the surge from hurricane Rita is expected to be well over 20 feet . . .

Is it coincidence that tsunami-like events, even though caused by completely separate phenomenon, are occurring so close together? To the logical mind this gets written off as a coincidence, because nothing else in the psyche can explain it. Who could imagine that the government would know how to manipulate warm ocean currents to maximize the impact of a hurricane and direct it to specific targets? And who could imagine that even if they had the technology (they do have it) that they would use it against their own people, or the innocent people of far-away countries? Although nearly unfathomable... we had better believe it, because it is the truth about this moment in human history, and it's probably better to boggle the mind now, than later . . .

Most science has been kept under wraps, secret from the public that pays for it...technology which is known only to the elites (you know who I mean)? There is something that the general populus has largly over-looked, even though scientists are discussing it at the water cooler and in weather laboratories...and even though Russia openly discusses it with the world media..and even though there are treaties between Canada and the United States regarding use of this technology as well as partnerships and alignments which include open admissions to the world that Russia and China have aligned militarily, and the US and Canada have been partnered up for years, and are practicing weather and crop manipulation as an economic/corporate weapon ... ..most people still don't know about the war going on right under their noses.

It seems too impossible for the mind to grasp because it is simply beyond human experience, or, it is at least beyond 'obvious' human experience? There are a great number of people out there who know perfectly well that scalar wars are already underway, that volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis are just a few of the toys the government is wreaking havoc with, on its own people.

As admissions from government officials are leaked out in various ways, through press-conferences and small slips during speeches, most of the general public simply don't pick up on the clues. People are too lazy. They are used to having things figured out and fed to them by "higher-powers". And as we should know, if you leave it up to someone else to feed us, we get whatever they want to give us..right? Ask a 4 year old if he'd rather chose his own meal, or whether he'd rather you picked it for him. He knows the danger in it.

Government transparency is no longer expected and they know it. We are seeing a grotesque escalation of "in-your-face" crime. A new kind of war is what Bush said we are facing, and he wasn't lying about that one thing. It is a different kind of war..but not the one he's touting. Instead there is a race to see who can destroy who by collapsing the climate, creating cataclysmic earthquakes, and tsunamis (which are the favorite horse lately) are the weapon of ease and choice, and they are having a ball with it.

So, what do hurricanes like the ones we're seeing now, and earthquakes have in common? They both seem to have tsunamis in common, don't they? If both earthquakes and hurricanes are being exacerbated and surgically directed for maximum damage via the use of electroscalar magnetic weapon technology (which is something we've all heard the department of defense (DOD) Cohen specifically speak about) ...then it makes more sense that what our guts are telling us (always trust your gut even if you don't understand it) about these tragedies is true . . .
Oooff!! Feel dizzy! Faces transmogrifying!! Need . . . to look into . . . can't find cellphone . . . Scullleeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

[UPDATE] from "A Warning to the People of South Texas: The Nukes in Rita's Path" by Russ Hoffman at CounterPunch:
South Texas Project 1 and STP 2 are two nuclear power plants located just 90 miles SW of Houston. That's not very far if an accident occurs and radiation is released during 100+ MPH winds. There is no guarantee the plants can survive the conditions they are about to face.

STP's two reactors, and all the spent radioactive fuel stored outside the reactor domes in pools at the site, could be subjected to a category 5 (strongest possible) hurricane (ie, bigger than Katrina). Swarms of tornados are also not unheard of during hurricanes. A fuel tank or truck could, for example, be picked up and lofted into the spent fuel pools. The plants will be off the grid (if they aren't already) and operating on emergency generators, but these could be knocked out as well. The intakes or outlets for the cooling systems could be damaged or plugged. All of these are possible, but none of them are considered credible by the authorities . . .

LOCATION: Matagorda County (nearest major city: Galveston, TX; 90 miles SW of Houston, TX; 8 miles west of Wadsworth, TX, 12 miles SSW of Bay City, TX)

South Texas Project Electric Generating Sta.: Unit 1

1,250 Mw

PWR/Westinghouse "pressurized to 2,300 pounds per square inch to keep water liquid at 600º F" (Source: STP web site.)

Spent fuel on site: 320 tons as of 1995.

Commercial start-up date: Aug., 1988

Current Status: Making waste

1982 CRAC-2 est. "Worst Case" Casualties: 39,000; Property Damage: $112 Billion

South Texas Project Electric Generating Sta.: Unit 2

1,250 Mw

PWR/W (See Unit 1 for information.)

Commercial start-up date: June, 1989

Current Status: Making waste

1982 CRAC-2 est. "Worst Case" Casualties: 39,000; Property Damage: $104 Billion

The Reactor Containment Buildings are 200-foot domes. The plant site is an official wildlife area providing habitat for several threatened species, including bald eagles, peregrine falcons, white-tailed hawks and alligators. (Source: STP web site.)

April 19th, 2003: "[A radioactive] powdery material was found April 12 on the outside of two instrument guide tubes where the tubes enter the bottom of the reactor". (Source: New York Times; Unit unknown.)

May 8th, 1990: Pipe crack in reactor at South Texas (Source: Greenpeace; Unit unknown.)