Beware of "victories" and "timetables"

Minutes after Yahoo! News reported that Miers had withdrawn, I tried to access this blog and post. Blogger didn't even ping back. I'm not surprised. I'm sure we were all trying to get in at the same time . . . sort of a pre-Fitzmas warm-up. I would counsel much caution in the next few weeks. To think that "Miers Down" is an early indication of victory in sight is understandable, but simply ridiculous.

Let's just imagine for a moment that Rove, Scooter, and Susan Ralston are all indicted; Cheney, scalded but not indicted, develops "new heart problems" and resigns; Delay goes down hard; and Frist steps down under fire. All of these have some likelihood.

Add to this dream the fact that two North Carolina congressmen have filed a resolution (which has several co-sponsors) calling for Doubleduh to set an Iraq withdrawal timetable. And apparently John-Boy Edwards has said out loud that his support for the war and his votes for the war were a mistake.

What, I ask you, does all this really change. For some liberal Democrats to finally begin calling for a "timetable" and mumble some vague apology for their cowardice is just shit. Nothing else. Timetable, my ass. That's like saying, "OK, we'll tolerate 500 more dead kids for this criminal folly and then we'll get out."

Liberals and so-called progressives are probably drooling on their keyboards right about now. But consider these . . .

  • the DLC's Hillary Rodham is still the odds-on favorite to take the nomination for preznut in oh-ate

  • Doubleduh has a whole pig-trough 'o folks he can nominate to the SC - think they're gonna be more to our liking than Scalia, Thomas, Miers, Roberts?

  • no matter what happens in oh-six, Congress will still be chock full of paid-off, paid-up opportunists who will dance and sleep with lobbyists and delete our emails and not show up in support of demonstrations

  • in spite of new evidence that the WTC tower collapse on nine-eleven was the result of planted demolition on the lower floors; in spite of articles of impeachment are actually writing themselves without help from the Senate; in spite of the fact that FEMA's still a cluster fuck, even in Florida; and in spite of the fact that there is new evidence every day of elected and appointed federal and state government officials lining their pockets with public and lobbyist money . . .
nothing is really changing.

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