The first person who can tell us here who wrote the following wins a night (alone, of course) in the G. Gordon Liddy Bedroom at the Texas White House:
To casually spurn the people who have been taking slings and arrows all these years and instead reward the former commissioner of the Texas Lottery with a Supreme Court appointment is like pinning a medal of honor on some flunky paper-pusher with a desk job at the Pentagon — or on John Kerry — while ignoring your infantrymen doing the fighting and dying.
Some other funny(??)things:

Georgie got some 'splainin' to doooooooo . . . from "Boozer Bush: W. gets by with a little help from Jack and Jim" by D. P. Sorenson at the Salt Lake City Weekly:
It doesn’t explain everything, but it explains a lot: George Bush, our president, is hitting the bottle again. The drinking rumors have been making the rounds for months, and even before that people speculated that Bush’s “accidents”—choking on a pretzel, dropping his dog, crashing his bicycle—were “alcohol-related.” For someone who makes such a point of flaunting his physical prowess, his habitual clumsiness is somewhat suspicious. After all, Bushie (his wife Laura’s pet name for him, just as it’s his pet name for her, which is a bit creepy) first gained prominence as a high-kicking, back-flipping sis-boom-bah male cheerleader at Yale . . .

One minute Bush goes limp with fright when desperate aides inform him that planes have crashed in the World Trade Center; the next minute, stiff with bravado, he boasts of his resolve to get Osama “dead or alive.” One minute, when he hears Hurricane Katrina howling, he cringes like a scaredy-cat behind his Mama; after a few pops of Old Granddad, he’s full of phony bluster, telling his feckless FEMA chief, “Brownie, you’re doin’ a heckuva job.”

Other creepy traits of our commander-in-chief make sense when seen in the light of his unacknowledged alcoholism. There is his adolescent habit, for instance, of conferring nicknames on all who come within his ken. We all know drunks who, deep in the throes of inebriated bonhomie, bestow terms of affection on friend and foe alike. . . .

Bush’s prolonged sousitude also explains his verbal miscues, his syntactical insurgencies, his grammatical catastrophes. It’s as if the bourbon marinade left deadly lacunae in his already diminutive brain, making it impossible for the most elementary thought to navigate its way through the decimated labyrinth of his frontal lobes.

Then there are the quirky smirks, the bug-eyed glares and goofy grimaces, his words and facial expressions so out of sync that you are reminded of a badly dubbed Japanese monster movie. Finally, what about all those lip gyrations when Bushie is under stress, the tiny mouth working this way and that as if it were engaged in attempting to remove the cap from a bottle? It must be the sauce.
All I can say - and I say it with authority - is that the only thing more dangerous than a drunk in denial is a drunk in denial with thousands of admiring enablers and the power to blow up half the world. If Doubleduh IS drinking, I'd rather have Cheney running the show.

I had some chuckles on Sunday watching Robert Reich on ABC's "This Week" claimimg that the Administration is so fucked-up that the Dumbocrats should just keep their mouths shut and let'em sink. You suck, you neo-liberal, cynical, DLC shill of a creep!!

The funniest one, though, was watching Musharef on GMA this morning defending his government's "slow response" to the earthquake by saying "even the United States didn't respond to Hurricane Katrina in twenty-four hours." Lookie here, Pervez, you really don't wanna be comparing your government to ours right now, y'know?