Is Karl Rove Already Gone?

Judging from the stutterin' steps of The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang's poltical stride lately - looks kinda like a case o' the blind staggers - one could easily surmise that "The Architect" has lost his brick-laying accuracy.

For example, as Michael A. Fletcher and John Pomfret write in the Seattle Times ("Bush steps into Reagan's shadow"),
[Bush] worked to embrace the legacy of Reagan, an icon of modern conservatism, even as his presidency is wobbling under multiple problems, including intensifying criticism from some on the right who say he has betrayed them.

Angry about the staggering cost of several Bush initiatives, including the Medicare prescription-drug plan and the recovery from Hurricane Katrina, some conservatives are pushing back. In Congress, some budget hawks have balked at the Katrina spending, insisting on cuts to offset it. But many of the proposed cuts will affect programs targeting the poor who suffered the most from the hurricane.

Some conservatives are outraged that Bush passed over several well-known and well-respected conservative jurists to nominate White House counsel Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. Miers, who spent decades as a high-powered corporate lawyer but whose constitutional views are a mystery, has been attacked by some on the right as an intellectual lightweight with questionable conservative credentials . . .
In addition, as I warned on the day of her nomination, the Miers nomination was a massive political brain fart. Add to that the now-public hissy-spat with Awnuld, unrest and defections in the State Department (with Condi apparently gearing up for a possible (arrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!) presidential campaign in oh-eight), and the preznut hisself tryin' to micromanage FEMA. The once razor-sharp strategic and tactical cuts of Killer Karl seem nowhere to be found.

Might be, doncha think, that even if Snarlin' Karl ain't indicted, he GONE. Good freakin' riddance. The real nice thing about that is that Doubleduh'd still be the resident village idiot of Crawford, Tee Ex if it weren't for Rove, and may again soon be.