Long Past Time to Get Real

Although I'm a few yards to the left of the folks at Julien's List, I just have to point y'all to 'Bean's post "If another liberal group asks me to protest . . ." A clip or two:
Newsflash to PFAW and MoveOn: Nobody gives a shit if we protest. The media ignores us, the citizens ignore us, the politicians ignore us, and the world goes on. Sure, it worked for Cindy Sheehan, but we don't all have children to sacrifice in Iraq to give us credibility and, sadly, her unfortunately-dead son is why she has credibility.

Notice how the Mainstream Media photographs protesters at long-distance to make it seems there are so few? Notice how it's always the pink-haired, pierced-and-tattooed Goth types who are in the center of the images?

Notice how little happens?

Notice how we keep losing? . . .

And you folks still stuck in the 1960s?

Kiss off!

It's pretty damn clear it ain't working DESPITE the Horror-Show Gravy Train of failure the conservatives are giving us: it's time we grew up and learned how to play an honest, hard-assed, aggressive game of hardball.

So far, playing nice has gotten us not only out of the driver's seat, we're not even at the gas-station pay phone: this state of affairs MUST change!
You know, of course, that I just don't think this state of affairs will change. But this is just a great post. Thanks, 'Bean!