Sweet Success, American Imperial Style

From the NYT this morning, excerpts from "Funds Fade, Deaths Rise as Iraq Rebuilding Lags" by James Glanz:
As the money runs out on the $30 billion American-financed reconstruction of Iraq, the officials in charge cannot say how many planned projects they will complete, and there is no clear source for hundreds of millions of dollars a year needed to operate the projects that have been finished, according to a report to Congress released yesterday.

The report, by the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, describes some progress but also an array of projects that have gone awry, sometimes astonishingly, like electrical substations that were built at great cost but never connected to the country's electrical grid . . .

Over all, the report says, since the war began there have been 4,208 death and injury claims filed through the insurance coverage that United States law requires for contractors of any nationality who work on American bases abroad. That number includes claims from bases around the world, and while the government does not report where the incidents occurred, a majority are believed to originate from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Those death and injury tolls, which in the chaos of Iraq are probably underreported to begin with, especially among Iraqi contractors, have come about even though more than a quarter of the reconstruction money has actually "been spent on security costs related to the insurgency," the report says . . .

"What you have to keep in mind is the chilling effect of that many deaths and that many injuries," Mr. Barton said. "I think the numbers are huge."
Interesting that the folks who lose in this matrix are not the corporations or The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang, but the Iraqis.

There are longer term implications, however. Consider what our relationship with Europe would be right now if The Marshall Plan had been this "successful." Now apply that to, let's say, 2050. Get the picture? Our kids are going to pay for this war big time, and not only because of enormous deficits and debt.

It becomes increasingly difficult to understand the loyalty of even the most fanatic right-winger to the neo-con agenda, when one considers the utter incompetence of almost everyone involved with this fiasco. Unless . . . hmmmmmmmm . . . this crap is all intentional. For the masters of war, chaos is most profitable, n'est-ce pas?