Rumors have been slithering around these past few weeks that Doubleduh is drinking again. We certainly know (or knew, at least) that he ain't the brighest bulb on the tree.

As of last evening, however, I'm 99% convinced that he's gone 'round the bend, o'er the falls, and flattened on the tarmac bonkers.

This cat just nominated a chick for a chair on the Supreme Court who is more totally unqualified than Mike Brown and as odorous as Clarence Thomas.

Now, I can see where this idiotic choice may be both tactically and strategically similar to a lot of what this administration has done in the past . . . create chaos, give the finger to everyone, etc. etc.

But, Doubleduh!! Fer crissakes, man . . . Harriet Miers is acceptable to NO-damn-buddy. Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!!!