A Way Forward (4)

From "A Political Opportunity for Cindy Sheehan and the Antiwar Movement: Shocking the Two Party System" by Nikolas Kozloff at CounterPunch:
In recent years, progressive third party efforts have hardly left a dent in the American political system. Recent polling data however suggest that the American electorate is restless and anxiously waiting for a change. The only thing which is missing is the spark and organizational vehicle. If progressives are smart, they might be able to launch a significant challenge to congressional incumbents in the 2006 election. An idealistic pipe dream? Not necessarily. Candidates who hammer the two parties on Iraq while linking this issue to domestic concerns such as disaster relief, health care, social security and energy policy could have the winning formula for 2006. Polling data suggests that the Republicans are dangerously out of step with the issues Americans hold most dear, while the Democrats refuse to capitalize on Bush’s political mistakes. This opens the door for independent candidates to pick up momentum . . .

Startlingly however, the Democrats have not benefited from this Republican collapse, choosing instead to remain mute on the war and pressing social issues. All the leading Democratic hopefuls for the 2008 election, including Senators Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry granted the president authorization to go to war in Iraq in 2002. Of the 77 Senators who voted for the war, 8 Democrats are up for re-election. They include: Maria Cantwell of Washington, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Hillary Clinton of New York, Dianne Feinstein of California, Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, Thomas Carper of Delaware, Herb Kohl of Wisconsin and Bill Nelson of Florida. In the House, there are still 53 original pro-war Democrats, about one quarter of the party’s fold in that body. Though the American public is unhappy with the Republicans, they are clearly displeased with the Democratic leadership as well. A stunning 65% amongst the public views Congressional Democrats with disapproval . . .
From the same source, Cockburn and St. Clair ring in with "Democrats Sink Deeper into the Ooze":
If there was a real party of opposition, maybe those who mandated the new torture system would face some sanction. If Democratic Party leaders had made an issue of it, some fiber would have been given to the calls for punitive sanction of the engineers and administrators of the torture systems. But top Democrats were silent. Torture was not an issue in the Kerry campaign. And the grunts were abandoned as surely as Kerry abandoned the rednecks of Appalachia and the working poor across America.

Thus it is that with each month that passes the Democratic Party seems to have touched bottom. Then it promptly sinks even deeper into the ooze of cowardice and irrelevance.

While Interstate 45 from Galveston to Houston was clogged with evacuees fleeing the wrath of hurricane Rita, there was a similar jam on the beltway round Washington DC as Democrats fled the city on the eve on the September 24 antiwar rally, panic-stricken lest their presence in Washington might somehow be construed as endorsement of the rally's antiwar message . . .

You would think that on the most elementary precepts of political self-advancement, congressional Democrats would have been besieging the rally's organizers for a speaker's slot. But the Democrats have not only forgotten how to fix elections, they've lost the simplest political instincts of all, opportunism and grandstanding.

Not fifty, no twenty, not ten, but only a fistful of congressional Democrats, led by Cynthia McKinney ­ a woman the Democrats tried their best to destroy three years ago ­ addressed the 150,000 people on the Mall protesting the war in Iraq, on September 24. A few other Democrats were spotted skulking on the fringes of the rally, no doubt angling for the briefest photo-op of the momentous day.
The truth, of course, is that all these Dumbocrats are beholden to pretty much the same mega-money crowd as The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang. Our nation's capital might just as well be on Uranus as in Washington, DC.

I spoke with someone the other day who was just outraged that Wal Mart's communications and delivery logistics systems far outpaced FEMA during the hurricanes. But that's the damn point, don't you see? Everything - just absolutely everything - will be "privatized" as these folks dismantle the government. The ace that Doubleduh is about to play in the "who pays to rebuild New Orleans as the dazzling white phoenix" is the decimation of the Food Stamp program. Y'all po' 'n' homeless??? Shame on you!!! Now y'all be po', homeless, 'n' hongry!!

KeeeRIST I fail to understand how some folks threw a bunch of money at the Katrina relief thingy, but will be damned if they'll let their taxes be raised. Then they're gonna throw an obscene amount of cash into the campaigns of political whores who will continue to crush the government.

One final thing about getting out of Iraq . . . if I have a big container that contains two volatile chemicals in it that are stable to begin with, then I add a catalytic element that causes these chemicals to interact dangerously with each other, I do NOT make it all better by leaving the catalyst in the container to "calm things down" . . . you goddam fool!