When in the course of human events . . .

. . . and political discourse, words lose their meaning, the edges of the letters grayed by semantic soot, the sounds symbolic of mud . . . it's time to stop using them.

I concede the term and territory of "progressive" to the swamp of muddled Democrats and Liberals, swimming around in circles in the quicksand, looking for their high ground. I am defeated, I admit it.

If, as Sirota says, the difference between liberalism and progressivism is that the latter aims to ratchet down the forces of capitalism into some benevolent creature serving all citizens, then I am not a progressive. It is not that I wouldn't love to see that happen, I just don't think it will . . . ever. I therefore remove the word from my banner. I'll miss it. But it's lost its meaning. Kerry and Feinstein and Barak can have it.

The banner looks better, I think, with four, rather than three, words. Anybody think of a nice p-word to replace the word I now will not say, lemme know.


Now, about this American Solidarity thingy. I've joined, but tentatively and skeptically. We'll see what it becomes. I'm hoping for an alliance that goes beyond the blogoswamp to unite and empower folks who know that we need real and fundamental change.

I was, along with Nick Lewis and a couple of others, one of the co-founders of The Progressive Blog Alliance. I'm not even sure what it is these days. I do know its roll is not as infinitely long as the Big Brass Alliance, which I also belong to and can't really define. So, as I say, we'll see.

The logo I'm using atop the American Solidarity blogroll is not official. Steve or Eric sent it along and I like graphics. It'll prolly change in a few days.