Rapture Has Begun

I saw this at BradBlog . . . CNN is reporting that a chunk of the marble facade over the Supreme Court building's front porch has crashed onto the steps below. Apparently the pieces that fell were right under the words "Equal Justice Under the Law."

The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang is now meeting gleefully with Pat Robertson to figure out whether to spin this as "sign from God" or "Chicken Little".

There are other reports that indicate that the Special Joint Committee for the Eradication of the Poor has already drafted a bill that would eliminate the Food Stamp Program completely in order to fix the damage; Halliburton has just minutes ago "won" the contract to demolish and rebuild the whole building; and Dennis Kucinich is (as we speak) delivering an address on the house floor demanding that no repairs be made, " . . . because we're not using the concept anymore."