It's Raining Two-Headed Dogs

A welcome to a new voice. Michael Miller at Informed Dissent points us to a relatively new blog, Stop Me Before I Vote Again. I particularly like their header/banner: "Dedicated to the deconstruction of the Democratic Party. The American Left may not be much, but it won't be anything at all until it ditches the Democrats." Be sure to read "Orthrus, mascot of the two-party system" posted on January 9th.

Speaking of two-headed dogs . . . It appears that John "What? Me President?" Kerry, who bailed out of the last election faster and sneakier than Bremer left Baghdad, is now blogging on dKos. Apparently JFK Lite is calling his diary "Real Hardball". I wouldn't be talking about balls if I were you, son. Btw, if you're ever curious about why I don't link to Atrios or Kos, read the comments on little Johnnie's first post.

Have you no shame? It's pretty clear that I don't have any use for the Democratic Party and most of its cowards members. But it does occur to me that the other guys have a penchant for witch hunts that the Dems don't share. I'm old enough to remember watching the McCarthy "hearings" . . . and can tell you that my father went through some black-listing stuff as a teacher in California in the 1950's because of his decidedly leftist leanings. He wasn't a member of the CPUSA, but he probably would have been if he didn't suspect Soviet control and funding.
     At any rate, Peter LaVenia reports that the bastards are still at it in "Odors of a Witch Hunt" at BrickBurner. Short clip:
A conservative alumni group at UCLA has offered $100 to students who will compile a list of the "dirty thirty" most radical left-wing professors at the school. As a left-wing graduate student/adjunct professor, I'll offer the caveat that I (may) be biased in this summation - but isn't ideological and philosophical controversy the foundation of education?
Pretty creepy, n'est-ce pas?

More chuckles from our brain-damaged prednit . . . Reality Based Nation has a transcript of an interchange between Doubleduh and a citizen at a Virginia town meeting in "Some Bush 'mmm-doy' highlights from today". I'm not gonna clip it here because, well, frankly, it makes me too queasy. But do read it y'own sef 'cuz there are a couple of good posts before it.

Sorry, gotta cry. Later.

(image is photo of "Liberty Crying", © 2002 , a clay sculpture by Mireille Lemarchand)