Jordan, Joshua, and Peter

Got an email from Rory O'Neill, Editor of Hazards, about Jordan Barab this morning. He's the author of the indispensible blog/newsletter Confined Space. Let me share part of it with you and encourage you to follow directions for once in your sad-assed life:
Confined Space (http://spewingforth.blogspot.com/), the world's first and probably best "blog" on workplace health and safety, has been nominated as Labourstart's International Labor Website of the Year. Jordan Barab, a long-time union health and safety specialist and campaigner, produces this inspirational news service entirely voluntarily. Confined Space provides a unique union-friendly and worker-friendly analysis of the safety news, updated daily.

I would ask you to help recognise his efforts by voting for Confined Space. All you have to do is click the link below and follow the easy and quick instructions.


This isn't about getting a trophy on the mantelpiece (there isn't one), it is about raising the profile of health and safety in the international labour movement, showing it is not a fringe concern and ensuring those in a position of influence can't just dismiss us as a bunch of technocrats. On top of that, it's about reinforcing the message to union leadership, local activists and grassroots workers that health and safety is the key organising issue. That and it is a matter of life and death.
A quick note - as of this morning, the link to Hazards was kicking out a 403. Hope it's temporary.

Joshua Frank, author of Left Out: How Liberals Helped Reelect George W. Bush has truly honored me with a link in the "Badass Blogs" list on his website BrickBurner. Joshua has written for CounterPunch, Common Dreams, Counterbias, etc. etc. etc. Read him, buy his book. Don't make me come ovah dayah!!

This reminds me that I promised someone I'd rebuild my Amazon store. Soon.

Peter Eichenberger, erstwhile columnist for the Independent Weekly in Raleigh, NC is a friend of mine. When Katrina hit, Peter poured himself into organizing a sort of "under the radar" relief effort because it was clear that FEMA, The Red Cross, and the other big box folks weren't getting it done. He and his group got ripped off.

Lotta folks woulda said "fuck it" and shrugged back into their daily routine. Peter, however, ramped it up a notch and, abandoning his three-speed on Boylan Heights, hustled right down to the Ninth Ward. If you click on this pic, you can read one of the best pieces of on-the-scene journalism you've read in quite awhile.

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