Just In Passing: Outrage OK, but Surprise Shouldn't Be

The latest in the growing list of failed policies and programs "implemented" by The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang is the Medicare prescription program. Molly Ivins, among others, insists on calling it another example of "incompetence". Wrong . . .

  • the point was not to win in Iraq. The point was to create chaos and pump up the war machine . . .

  • the "War on Terror" does not exist. Read Geov Parrish's interview with Chomsky. The reason? The Gang loves terror, or at least the promise of it. It keeps them in business. There is no more profitable business than war. The Dumbocrats are "keeping their powder dry" because, as always, they're terrified (pun intended) at being labelled "soft on terror." But nobody could be softer on therror than this misadministration. In fact, these sobs practice a refined and effective program of terror against the American public every day in every way.

  • the goal is not to save Social Security or make sure kids are well-educated or help our elders with affordable, accessible health care and medicine. The goal is to disable anything and everything that stands in the way of systematic fascism/corporatism.

  • the Gang cannot "govern" effectively because it never intended to govern. The goal is to disable every vestige of democratic government.

Continue to be outraged, folks. But don't be surprised. We are not governed . . . we're just fooled.