"Progressives'" True Colors

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This may seem like one of those small intra-New York left controversies, and yet it is the kind of thing that happens so frequently in so-called progressive circles around the country that it's worth noting, because it's just this kind of thing that makes people wonder if the men of the left actually prefer being a small, insular clique of out-of-power individuals above adopting the values they publicly espouse.

The "Saving Our Democracy" conference, sponsored by The Nation Institute and The New Democracy Project and scheduled for Jan. 21, has somehow managed to arrange a forum about the future of democracy in which only two of the 24 scheduled speakers are female -- and in so doing begun a minor controversy. Nation columnist Katha Pollitt wrote the organizers this agitated letter:

Dear Organizers of the New Democracy conference,

I notice that only two speakers (in 25!) at the upcoming conference are women. How does that fit the project of rescuing democracy? Even congress--even the supreme court! -- has a better male-female ratio than that. Please don't reply that you asked a lot of women and they said no. The world is full of women who are the equals and more of the men in your lineup. There are women who would do credit to every topic you list. Moreover, as things stand, you have no one to specifically address reproductive rights, abortion rights, the rollback of feminist gains, 'family values' as an attack on women, or the specific role of gender politics in the rise of the Christian and Republican right. That topic isn't even on your agenda.

I am just disgusted that in 2006 women are still invisible to so-called progressives. Maybe that's one reason they keep losing elections.

Sincerely yours,
Katha Pollitt . . .
I really don't need to comment any further, do I?

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