Dictatorship by Default

The main reason that I have, here and elsewhere, strongly advocated that "progressives" and "the hard Left" abandon the Democratic Party and/or form a unified, national Third Party united by clearly stated principles is pretty simple: the corporatist backers of both the Republican and Democratic Parties espouse globalism. Globalism is a political and economic movement which seeks to dissolve national boundaries which serve as barriers against international financiers controlling resources.

Nominally, in the United States, the Republican Party is seen as "business-friendly", while the Democratic Party is still viewed as "more humanistic". While there may still be some modicum of truth to this vision, it is largely hallucinatory.

The Democratic National Committee, The Democratic Leadership Council, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee are already working tirelessly to defeat or discourage candidates for national office who are truly progressive, anti-war (not just anti-War in Iraq), anti-corporatist/fascist, and pro-internationalist (rather than globalist).

Refer for example to this post ("Send in the Clowns") at Stop Me Before I Vote Again (excerpts):
Throw in the terrible towel, progs -- 2006 is already over. Rahm and company have swatted down the beautiful souls' primary challenges, and they may very well fulfill their dream of recovering the House -- after all, they're running against the gang that literally can't shoot straight. Once more the prog left has taken the gaspipe, caved in, shut up, made the florid but futile primary run, and with a bittersweet smile, packed the hard bloody truths away till -- the next time; and the next slapdown.

And the necessary left spoiler move in enough "right" CD's this November is not gonna happen either .... not this time. Nope, for what, the twelfth electoral cycle in a row, the Democrats have once more rope-a-doped their all-too-loyal internal opposition . . .
The "Rahm" referred to is Rahm Emmanuel, head honcho at the DCCC.

Only if they have no other choice will the Democratic Party controllers put money into the campaigns of candidates who support the goals of, for example, the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) or the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The latter, by the way, can't even get is damn web site together, while Wowie Howie claims to still own all his techies and is gonna use'em in pushing the '06 campaigns.

The fact is that there is no viable organized resistance or opposition to the meta-agenda of globalist financiers. If there were, and it was centered in the Democratic Party, The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang would be in jail by now. Instead, we have an immune dictatorship by default.

A dictatorship makes its own laws. The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang manufactured a war to justify abdicating its constitutional responsibilities. It spies on its own citizens; funds private armies using corporations as pass-throughs; the installed Generalissimo signs legislation passed by congress, then in his "signing statements" makes it clear that he will ignore the law if he deems it necessary. And from the Democratic Party . . . nada. If this does not constitute (pun unintended) dictatorship, I'm missing something.

Think about it . . . this administration took a solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and have already dismantled half of it, eyeing the rest for dessert. They will, I think, find a way to just destroy the thing; short of that, we'll get Hillary or McCain. And the best we can do is the probably non-starter "Censure the President" thingy by Russ Feingold?

To progressives and hard-lefties, I can only say, "If you don't know where you're going, any road'll getcha there."
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