I'm not going to spend much effort on this, 'cuz over the long run it just ain't worth it. But I do have to weigh in . . .

I find it absolutely hilarious that the Rebooblicans were ready to crush Shrub on this one, playing the "risk to national security" card, while many on the Left have been grumbling about "rascism" in not doing business with Islamic states. I mean, did we just go through an unreported planetary polar magnetic field shift?

On the one hand, the damn Reboobs are the ones who are exporting this country to any foreign investor who'll bite - they are the party-of-record on the "corporate profits trump national security" gambit.

And the Dumbocraps, at least the couple who've opened their mouths about anything these past couple of years, are the ones who've been whining about lack of security, but who now think we need to let "good" Muslims have a piece of the profit pie.

They're all bloody idjits, don't y'know.

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