Now is the Time to Stuff the Democrats

Although it is far from united or viable, there is a growing bunch of folks who realize how far to the right establishment politics has moved in the last two decades. Not only that, but we propose that it is the Democratic Party, not the Republican one, which has, in effect, led the march.

The simple reality is that the notion of "get elected/relected at all costs" is the driving force for all post-capitalist politicians in the USA. Power is the principle. Just exactly that.

It is one thing for Republican conservatives, steamrolled by the eastern establisment liberals for so long, to be as lock-step and blood-thirsty and corrupt as they are. I feel only sorry for folks like Delay and his clones. They really do think it's OK to reap the spoils of victory. Indeed, they won their offices by preaching disdain of liberal America. Once in power, they, in their own minds, have gone about pillaging and looting. Is it unreasonable to expect, given the 11th century ethics they find so attractive?

The Democratic Party, on the other hand, increasingly seems to me to be the more cynical and dangerous of the two. Where the Republican Party seems to have some integrity (they do what they say the believe in), the Democratic Party has none. None. None. You know where Santorum stands. Do you know where Schumer or Pelosi or Jesse Jackson, Jr. or even Henry Waxman stand? Have you studied the furtive behavior and rhetoric of Howard Dean since he betrayed us all (finally) and went to work for the DLC? Yes, I said "DLC", not "DNC".

I gotta ask yuh, kind readers . . . what is it that keeps you believing that the Democratic Party wants anything different than the Republican Party does - P O W E R;? What??? Already, the Party has smashed the potential candidacies of two people (Sheehan and the cat from PA) who would have run as leftist Dems). The party is beyond "reform".

At the risk of allowing more reprobates to sit in Washington's excrement-stained seats, I advocate a boycott of the polls in '06. Vote not for any candidate who does not conform to the criteria I outlined here.

No more "lesser of two evils." It has not served us well. It is time to see voting for Democrats as the "lesser of ONE evil." Time to organize a truly leftist movement. Because we cannot, in Washington, have two enemies - we must see the sitting Senators and Congressmen as one ruling class. And we must defeat the weakest of them - the Democrats - in '06.

There are those who advocate giving the Left some sort of foothold by regaining a Democratic majority in DC. I must reject that. For the Democrats do not support the agenda set forth by Roosevelt. There are no good old days. The leftists who advocate a program of justice and fairness and equal opportunity for all within our borders, and who reject the exploitation and eradication of societies different from ours, are disenfranchized by the Democratic Party. How can we continue to support them?

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