PLEASE . . . GET . . . IT!! (Part 2)

Lately, it seems that the rewards I get for blogging along the far left precipice (reminds me of hiking along "The Knife's Edge" just south of Maine's Mt Katahdin) are few and far between. I recently took some radical stands on issues dear to the "progressive" heart, then I took some heavy shit. *sigh*

In that context, it is with, well, gloat and glee that I discover that one of my favorite (and featured) blogs agrees with me (mostly) on a key issue that I frequently hammer away on. Against the War on Terror in "Bush's Crisis of 'Competence'" writes, in part:
. . . the emerging conventional wisdom that the Administration's incompetence is the real problem is question begging for two reasons. First, it suggests that somehow if policies were carried out with rigorous efficiency they would therefore be just. Fareed Zakaria, who has been engaged in an intellectual dance regarding the Iraq War ever since his own initial support, writes in Newsweek that Bush needs to learn from his mistakes in Iraq -- with mistake number one being that he tried to occupy a country with only 140,000 troops. You would think that rather than post-war planning, mistake number one was the occupation itself and the notion of imposing democracy from above. What this focus on competence ignores is that one can do many very bad things with a high degree of efficiency, and unless we have a sense of whether those policies are right or wrong performance will never be an adequate measure of political legitimacy . . .
Before the clip, I did indeed say "agrees with me (mostly)". In the interest of integrity, I do have to wonder out loud whether AWOT's editors do understand how much of The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang's "failures" are just the opposite, because creating chaos is a fundamental goal, and they're real good at that.


At some point today, we will reach/will have reached the 8,000 hit mark. Considering what I and this blog have been through during the past year, that's simply amazing. Thanks, folks!

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