PLEASE . . . GET . . . IT!!

Molly Ivins!!!! Are you listening???

THIS . . . "GOVERNMENT" . . . IS . . . NOT . . . INCOMPETENT.

Look at the Katrina stuff at Tom Tomorrow and so many other places. The actions of The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang are purposeful and criminal. What happened in N'Orleans (and what will happen again and again here and in Baghdad and Islamabad and Bora Bora and elsewhere) is a planned, systematic undermining and destruction of anything and everything that supports the well-being of ordinary people (you, my beloved humans, and me). And that will not change until y'all let go completely of any notion that electing Democrats to office instead of Republicans will make things better. Washington is controlled by political gangsters employed by corporate overlords to whom this country and its people mean . . . absolutely . . . nothing.

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