Why Our Govt Really Needs The PATRIOT Act

I hope (but surely do not expect) that the true reason for the strong bi-partisan Congressional support for solidifying The USA PATRIOT Act are becoming clear to the citizenry . . . try to follow along:

In three of my previous four posts, I've tried to point out that the United States Government is now fully a self-contained entity, beholden only to those corporatist interests who have bought it. There have always been built-in, systemic walls and moats separating the government and the people of, by, and for whom it was supposed to exist. But those walls and moats are now fortified mega-fortresses. Since the forces that control the government now have the power to (1) steal/falsify elections and (2) successfully and with impunity buy politicians and bureaucrats, the one remaining thread linking the Goverment to the People - the vote - has been cut.

Individual near-term events and longer-term trends reveal with crystal clarity: the concept of "National Security" is a chimera; we the people, our lives and livelihoods, our safety, our very future, have never been so insecure. And every day, we find that the Goverment dispenses with another safeguard and/or support mechanism, while further reinforcing its own insular raison d'etre. Witness, for example, that the Government has just effectively weakened mine safety standards in the wake of recent, tragic abominations; with the same perfidious scythe, it has slashed apart the notion of an extra-Congressional ethics watchdog mechanism. On the latter, in fact, it appears that the only change in lobbying rules so far is that former congressmembers-turned-lobbyists won't be able to walk around the House and Senate floors or swim in the congressional pools or use the congressional gym facilities. Poor babies!

By "Government", I mean all three branches, of course. With the exception of a few (make that a very few) women and men of integrity, the Government has devolved into a pack of gangsters. The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang is only one manifestation. But as its power wanes with time and through many self-inflicted wounds, other gangs are even now forming and positioning themselves as the next benefactors and lackeys of the facsist horn o'plenty.

Note well "the Senate 10" . . . the ten Senators, led by Russ Feingold, who voted yesterday against PATRIOT Act re-up. I believe their days are numbered, because they ain't playin' the game. Do not be surprised if the DLC does to them in their next election cycle what it has already done to Cindy Sheehan and that other what-was-his-name who abandoned a promising progressive candidacy.

We're no longer talking about "National Security". We're talking about "Government Security". That's real diff'rent, Bubba.

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