Doubleduh-Cheney Gang Trying to Get Us All Killed

Incompetence? Treachery? Fascism? Death wish? Call it what you will, but we seem to be semi-conscious participants in a race between the next World War (assign whatever number you want, but it'll be the last one) and environmental tip-over. No matter which of the two teams you're on. The finish line is wherever you're standing when the race is over. And everyone gets the same prize . . . eternal fucking rest.

More and more scientists are presenting evidence that environmentally we are (1) already beyond the point of no return; that there is nothing we can do to make the biosphere healthy and (2) within a range of about twenty to fifty years of planetary cataclysm. Pacific beachfront property in Fargo just ain't that far away. What does the gummint suggest? Buy a big goddam boat! Oh, yeah . . . and a few o' dease here left over M-16s, rocket launchers, and Claymores.

Looks to me like The Gang wants to make sure they're the cataclysmic catalysts, however. Condi "Dark Vader" Rice and John "Fuck You" Bolton have clearly been tasked with getting everybody on the other side of the planet totally pissed off at and terrified of us and each other. Arms-makers and -dealers are appearing in droves at emergency wards with what looks like Viagra overdoses.

Since my readership has dwindled from "Large Mammal" to "Adorable Rodent" on the TLB scale over the past three months (so, I've got nuthin to lose), I'm gonna tell you what I really think is going on . . .

First, ah reckon that only about a couple million or so humans will "survive" either the environmental or nuclear apocalypse. About 90% of those will be "the broken rabble led by brutal warlords" that James Lovelock predicts in The Revenge of Gaia.

The Űber-Illuminati probably began figuring this out right around the time we were loading Fat Man and Little Boy into the bombbays. Since then they've been in the process of building "apocalypse-proof" survival centers, cornering cash, making sure they control all usable energy sources/resources on the planet, and keeping the whole of "inevitable reality" a secret.

Think about it, Mathilda . . . what better way to control the future than to blow it up and "start over"?

So, unless you were already convinced of it, you've concluded that I'm just a paranoic wacko. So be it. But, since you're not a paranoic wacko, would you give me the benefit of a chance of rehabilitation by telling me what in the hell can be gained by picking a nuke fight with the Iranian government, pissing off China big-time, and making sure India has enough nukes?

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