Killing Us Hardly

The Freedom Rider, Margaret Kimberly, at the Black Commentator, writes, in "America's Last Days":
Does George W. Bush have the numbers 6, 6, and 6 tattooed on his head? In recent years it has become popular for every calamity, natural or man made, to be ascribed to the end times, the last days, Armageddon. If the end is near, the nation most responsible is the United States of America.

Throughout history human beings have competed with Mother Nature in the killing business, and humans win hands down. The Middle Passage, the American Indian holocaust, Stalin’s purges and Hitler’s concentration camps took out many more millions than bad weather, or shifting tectonic plates. If no one speaks up to stop Bush and does so very soon, that awful trend will continue.

The Bush administration has been openly threatening a military attack against Iran. Seymour Hersh recently wrote in the New Yorker that not only is the Bush administration preparing to attack Iran, but is planning to use nuclear weapons to do it. In this latest report, Hersh quotes sources who repeat the Bush messianic vision to “save” the people of Iran. If the Iranians will be liberated like the Iraqis were liberated, they are on their way to a living hell.

Hersh is not the first to report that the president is a megalomaniac hell bent on killing people in order to save them. Bush reportedly told Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that he is getting his orders straight from God.

"God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East.” It isn’t clear if God also recommended permanent bases, theft of resources, no bid contracts and Abu Ghraib.

There are obvious reasons to fear Hersh’s assertions about Bush. Equally frightening is the prospect that he will get whatever he wants from a spineless, bought-off Congress. One Congressional source tells Hersh, “There’s no pressure from Congress. The only political pressure is from the guys who want to do it.”

A psychotic president and a collaborationist Congress aren’t the only reasons to believe that the end is near. The corporate media will play their usual role and repeat GOP talking points instead of doing investigative reporting when we need it the most. They have played and replayed the drum beat for an attack on Iran. The New York Times and CNN were never in the habit of hanging on to every word from speeches given by Iranian presidents. Yet when Mahmoud Ahmadinajed said that Israel should be “wiped off the map” the quote was repeated endlessly. The fact that Israel is a nuclear power in no danger from Iran is seldom if ever mentioned.

We don’t need anonymous sources to have proof that most members of Congress will support a slaughter of the Iranian people. The still pathetic Senator John Kerry is a case in point. He still believes that going along with wars of aggression is a political winner . . .
Then comes Lew Rockwell.org, with "Time's Arrow: The Coming Nuclear Epiphany in Persia" by Chris Floyd.
Twelve hours. One circuit of the sun from horizon to horizon, one course of the moon from dusk to dawn. What was once a natural measurement for the daily round of human life is now a doom-laden interval between the voicing of an autocrat's brutal whim and the infliction of mass annihilation halfway around the world.

Twelve hours is the maximum time necessary for American bombers to gear up and launch an unprovoked sneak attack – a Pearl Harbor in reverse – against Iran, the Washington Post reports. The plan for this "global strike," which includes a very viable "nuclear option," was approved months ago, and is now in operation. The planes are already on continuous alert, making "nuclear delivery" practice runs along the Iranian border, as Sy Hersh reports in the New Yorker, and waiting only for the signal from President George W. Bush to drop their payloads of conventional and nuclear weapons on some 400 targets spread throughout the condemned land.

And when this attack comes – either as a stand-alone "knock-out blow" or else as the precursor to a full-scale, regime-changing invasion, like the earlier aggression in Iraq – there will be no warning, no declaration of war, no hearings, no public debate. The already issued orders governing the operation put the decision solely in the hands of the president: he picks up the phone, he says, "Go" – and in twelve hours' time, up to a million Iranians will be dead.

This potential death toll is not pacifist hyperbole; it comes from a National Academy of Sciences study sponsored by the Pentagon itself, as The Progressive reports. (Although Bush's military brass like to peddle the public lie that "we don't do body counts" of the enemy, in reality, like all good businessmen they keep precise accounts of their production outputs: i.e., corpses.) The Pentagon's NAS study calibrated the kill-rate from "bunker-busting" tactical nukes used to take out underground facilities – such as those which house much of Iran's nuclear power program . . .
The photograph is of the result of our last military foray against Teheran. There will be no pix of this one. To John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, I can say only, "fuck you."

Antidote, in full:
According to Section 603 of Jefferson's Manual, "there are various methods of setting an impeachment in motion": 1) By charges made on the floor by a member of the House; 2) By charges preferred by a memorial filed by a House member; 3) By charges contained in a Resolution introduced by a House member; 4) By a message from the President; 5) By charges transmitted by a State legislature, or a grand jury; 5) By facts developed and reported by an investigating committee of the House.

According to Section 604 of the Manual, "[a] direct proposition to impeach is a question of high privilege in the House and at once supersedes business otherwise in order under the rules governing the order of business." It does not lose its privilege just because "a similar proposition has been made at a previous time during the same session of Congress." On the other hand, "a resolution simply proposing an investigation, even though impeachment may be a possible consequence, is not privileged." Where, however, "a resolution of investigation positively proposes impeachment or suggests that end, it has been admitted as of privilege."

The evidence supporting an impeachment resolution or a memorial suggesting an impeachment investigation may be based upon a variety of sources, including "common fame." (Section 304) "Common fame" includes information contained in newspaper and other media reports, as well as rumors commonly circulated in the community. The evidence upon which a resolution or memorial is based need not, therefore, be of the kind admissible and sufficient to prove a case in a court of law.

Once an impeachment resolution has been introduced or "charges suggesting impeachment have been made by memorial," the House may order an investigation at once or refer the charges to a Committee for examination and, if the Committee deems it appropriate for an investigation. (Section 605) The Committee may be "a select committee" or a "standing" one. In some instances the Committee has made its "inquiry ex parte," but "in the later practice the sentiment of committees has been in favor of permitting the accused to explain, present witnesses, cross-examine and be represented by counsel." (Section 606)

The purpose of the Committee investigation is to determine if there is sufficient evidence to charge an impeachable offense. If there is, then each "accusation" is to be "exhibited" as an "Article of Impeachment" and, if approved by the full House, "carried to the bar of the Senate" for trial with the House assuming the role of prosecutor. (Section 609)
Mr. Speaker??! Mr. Speaker!!!

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