Biden, Bolivia, and the Blackout

Offering unneeded proof that all a US Senator does is run for office, Joe Biden offers tri-partition as a solution for Iraq. I propose an equally effective option: Joe Biden leads a movement to have Delaware secede from the Union and shop the DuPont State around to the lowest bidder. That will surely solve the traffic problem on the I-95 bridge into Maryland and make about a thousand sleazy corporations legal off-shore entities.

We're pretty short on good news here in Bushland, but another American President of a real democracy is showing us the way. Evo Morales of Bolivia has seized the Petrobras oil and gas fields and is also threatening to throw Exxon out of the country. This from eitb:
Bolivian President Evo Morales on Monday announced the nationalisation of Bolivia's natural gas and oil industry, ordering foreign energy companies to send their production to a state company for sale.

"This is the solution to the social and economic problems of our country. Once we have recovered these natural resources, this will generate work. It is the end of the looting of our natural resources by multi-national oil companies," he said.

Morales warned that companies that rejected the decree would have to leave Bolivia within six months.

The main oil companies operating in Bolivia are Brazil's Petrobras, the Spanish-Argentine company Repsol YPF, British companies British Gas and British Petroleum and Total of France.

Morales also said the state would recover Bolivian hydrocarbons companies that were privatised in the 1990s, with the state taking over shares from foreign companies and of semi-public Bolivian entities.

He said the companies must turn their production over to the state's Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos.

The president made the nationalisation announcement at the San Alberto gas and oil field in the south of the country, which is operated by Petrobras in association with Repsol.

After Morales, a soldier unfurled a Bolivian flag from the top of the installation and the national anthem was sung by the assembled crowd.

Meanwhile, in the Bolivian capital, La Paz, a large crowd gathered for a May Day protest, voicing support for Morales and the nationalisation of the natural gas and oil industry.
Evo has apparently made some folks nervous. I, for one, volunteer to head up a "Draft Evo" movement for '08.

In contrast, back home, "the media" is treating Stephen Colbert's skit at the Correspondents' Dinner as if it didn't happen.

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