The Real War and The Great Diversion, Part 2

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Let's start this segment with excerpts from "Blood Pact: American Hegemony and the True Bush 'Base'" at Empire Burlesque:

. . . it is instructive to step back from the barricades now and again, to remind ourselves of the hard ground of reality so often obscured by the blood-red mist of emotion clouding our eyes. The chief reality, of course, is that the invasion and occupation of Iraq is primarily about oil and the preservation of the American way of life. It is based on the premise that the latter is a question of supreme importance, a moral value overriding all others. That "the American way of life" is itself riddled with gross inequalities is beside the point here, for these inequalities greatly benefit all those who have the power to make or influence policies in "the national interest."

Once this basic premise is accepted, the conquest – which otherwise seems a pointless, reckless paroxysm of elitist greed – can be seen as a logical if difficult step undertaken in accordance with a carefully reasoned strategy. War, mass death, torture, repression and the monstrous lies surrounding the instigation of the conquest can thus be justified as "necessary evils" to secure a greater good.

To put it simply, America must have unfettered access to Persian Gulf oil in order to maintain the infrastructure of its economy – indeed of its entire society, which is based on the availability of cheap gasoline and other petroleum-based products. In the coming decades of oil scarcity, the vast reserves in the Middle East will be even more crucial. The Bush Administration estimates that Iraq's current reserves, when fully developed, could reach as high as 220 billion barrels; if the still unexplored territories of its western wasteland are counted, this figure could top 300 billion – far surpassing the reserves of Saudi Arabia, as Canadian journalist Paul William Roberts reports in his important book, A War Against Truth. What's more, Iraqi oil is remarkably easy to extract – hence remarkably profitable . . .

Military force is essential because the American economy is in an advanced state of decadence and cannot win its way to continued dominance by peaceful means. The American elite is now given over almost entirely to the manipulation of financial instruments to produce vast private profits, disconnected from the surrounding community. The actual production of actual goods is in steep decline, bringing with it a corresponding decay in the quality of American life below the elite level. Without cheap oil – and despite the panicky sticker-shock at the pump today, Americans still pay far less than most people for fuel – the whole fragile house of cards could fall. Thus dominance and survival have become intertwined; and both depend on mastery of the Middle East's resources . . .

And so the war came, with its lies, murder, ruin, and corruption. Yet how many of those now opposed to this horrific military action are prepared to pay the actual cost of ending it: i.e., relinquishing the guarantee of cheap oil and the lifestyle it sustains? The number is doubtless very small. The large remainder should perhaps be seen as the true "Bush base." For while they may oppose his tactical incompetence in this instance, they share, wittingly or unwittingly, his strategic goal. With this basic common cause between the elite and the majority, the wars for oil will go on – no matter who sits in the White House.
This is bottom-line stuff, folks. Everything else you might be worried about is diversion. We are past the point where certain paradigms apply. The money and the power in the world knows this; their only shared hope is that the truth leaks out slowly enough to delay a global popular revolution.

Here in the US, we need to worry considerable less about The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang than we do about Paul Wolfowitz, Warren Buffett, The IMF, The Federal Reserve Bank, and the ebb and flow of international finance. Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia's main piece on "international financiers":
Unknown by most American citizens, the Federal Reserve is NOT a US Federal government institution. In fact, it is a privately held corporation owned by its stockholders. The Federal Reserve has the sole authorization to print US currency which it then lends out at interest to member Federal Reserve Banks. By controlling key interest rates and the amount of curreny in circulation the Federal Reserve regulates the level of economic activity and the health of the American economy.

Moreover, until recently by law, the names of the owners of the Federal Reserve were kept secret due to a provision of the Federal Reserve Act, which stated that the identities of the Federal Reserve Bank Class A stockholders couldn’t be made public. It is now believed that original Federal Reserve Bank principle stockholders at the time of its founding were the ROTHSCHILD banks of London and Berlin; the LAZARD BROTHERS Banks of Paris; the ISRAEL MOSES SEIF Banks of Italy, the WARBURG Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; the LEHMAN BROTHERS Bank of New York; the GOLDMAN, Sachs Banks of New York; the KUHN, Loeb Bank of New York; and the CHASE MANHATTAN Bank of New York. These are the principle interests, which own and operate the Federal Reserve System, which has expanded to approximately three hundred stockholders. All of these interests are very well known to each other through many banking business relationships, and in fact many are related through marriage and biological decent.

The federal reserve bank proposal of 1913, which called for a central bank operated by banking industry insiders and private investors was originally presented by Nelson Aldrich, the maternal grandfather of today’s Rockefeller brothers, and was known as the Aldrich Bill. This bill was narrowly failed to pass congress, but was soon reintroduced and was passed as the Federal Reserve Act, officially known as the Owens Glass Act.

The final legislation created 12 Federal Reserve Banks that would act as central banks for all national banks and other member state institutions. In practice, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is the US Federal Reserve central bank. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York controls the entire member bank system. The member banks are not federal government institutions. They are private institutions owned by the member banks and their stockholders. Currently, more than ninety of the 100 largest banks in the United States are located within the Federal Reserve District in New York.

A Federal Reserve Board was formed to oversee the system and establish policy. Chairman and other members of the Board are be appointed by the president, with consent by congress. This provides some measure of political influence over the policy actions of the governing board of the Federal Reserve. The appointed chairmen of the Federal Reserve regularly report in open session to a joint committee of the House and Senate.

Class A stockholders exercise control over the Federal Reserve System by owning stock of the largest member banks in the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Fewer than a dozen international banking institutions hold a controlling interest in the New York Federal Reserve Bank, and of these only four institutions are based within the United States. The bulk of the external controlling interests are European, with the most influential of these being the Rothschild family of London.

Each of the American interests is in some way connected to the Rothschild family. Included among these are the Rockefellers who are by far the most powerful American stockholders of Federal Reserve System member banks. The Rockefeller holdings in the Federal Reserve are primarily through the Chase Manhattan Bank, which in recent decades has taken in very significant funding from Saudi royal family investors.

Through their U.S. and European agents, the Rothschilds financed the Rockefeller Standard Oil dynasty, the Carnegie Steel empire, and the Harriman railroad system. The Rockefeller clan, which later became intermarried with the Carnegies, financed many of American's leading capitalists through Chase Manhattan and Citibank.

Many of these families intermarried with the Rockefellers so that by 1937 one could trace "an almost unbroken line of biological relationships from the Rockefeller through one-half of the wealthiest sixty families in the nation."

Owing much of their wealth to the Rockefeller, these families have become loyal allies of the "family". The Rockefellers, on the other hand, owing their enormous fortune to the Rothschild banking empire, have for the most part remained true and loyal to them and to their European interest.

As a direct result of this chain of banking and corporate ownership, much of America's corporate wealth is ultimately traceable to the old money of Europe and the ONE-WORLD INTERESTS of its members, who are New World Order advocates and exercise policy influence through institutions such as the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations over the governments of the word as well as through psyops campaigns exercised via their ownership of the corporate mass media in order to exercise influence over the populations of those nations.

These financial interests fund covert black operations exercised through unaccountable freelance military and civilian intelligence agency groups that are utilized for psyops operations involving terrorism and assassination both within the United States as well as worldwide. Many top researchers believe that the assassinaton of US President John F Kennedy, as well as in more recent years the 9/11/01 attacks in the US as well as the 7/7/2005 train bombing in London are examples of these ongoing covert black operations paid for by internationalist banking interests.

The intent of these operations is to move the populations politically in one or another direction, primarily to the political "right" and to impose a mindset of support for legislation such as the US Patriot Act I and II which has laid the foundation for martial law within the United States.

International financers exercise policy influence meant to weaken and destroy the US democratic system of government and estrange the civilian poulation from the US constitution which gave congress the sole authority to mint money and control the national currency.

In recent decades, much of the US transportation infrastructure, water resources, and natural reserves are being sold off to foreign investors as a result of the indebtedness of the US government due to the federal budget deficit which in turn is the result in large part of the decades of US balance of trade deficits caused by federal government economic policy under both Republican and Democratic Party administrations which favors the exporting of US jobs and industries awhich in turn has destroyed much of the middle class in America and reduced the political influence of the average American over the operation of his government.

In addition, a large fraction of the US Federal Budget deficit is caused by spending on the military and specifically by spending on the war in Iraq, sold to the US public as a “war on terror” led by the GW Bush administration following the “false-flag” 9/11 attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. It is undisputed that tens of billions of US taxpayer dollars spent on the Iraq war effort are entirely un-accounted for and the current Republican led congress refuses to impose any measure of oversight over the spending of these funds. On Septermer 10, 2001 the Defense Department announced that more than One Trillion Dollars of it's multi-year budget were missing and un-accounted for.

Those politicians who do oppose or question expenditures for the Iraq war or those who demand accountability are branded “supporters of terrorism against the citizens of the United States” and are hounded by an overwhelmingly right wing pro GW Bush administration corporate television and radio media industry.

Just as the corporate media itself is directly commandeered by GW Bush administration bullying and by intelligence agency plants within the media, all bases are covered.

The 9/11 attacks were a covert US military intelligence agency led psyops operation intended to make the US population amenable to the aims of the PNAC neocon agenda which is to impose long term US military influence over the middle east and elsewhere, as well as to make the US population amenable to the imposition of martial law as the US Constitution is alienated from US citizens.

As Iraqis die by the scores daily in an insurrection turned to civil war within Iraq, the United States continues to work on a series of huge military bases and “diplomatic campuses” unprecedented in size and facilities, which reveal the intent of the US to remain as a military force within the region no matter the fate of the Iraqi population and no matter its form of government in the future.

All of this is believed to be an aspect of the machinations of the cabal of international bankers who from their start as financiers of both sides of every European war through the past two plus centuries, are now acting on their intent to impose a new world order which they will control by first taking down the formerly free and democratic United States of America and by using its military might to impose control over the populations and the resources of the world.
This is not a reality that is pleasant to contemplate. Trying to think about it causes the healthy individual human system to produce a biochemical reaction that eventually causes heroin addiction (or at least an uncontrollable desire to watch a hundred hours of "Little House on the Prairie" and then go to bed).

A pessimist by nature, I am inclined to believe that the following process will begin to occur quickly, rather than slowly. The US government or its client state, Israel, will strike Iran, as much to introduce its willingness to use nuclear weapons as to disable Iran's nuclear ambitions. Two things will then happen: a nasty hot war involving several Middle East states and the global "terrorist" elements and a major false-flag "terrorist" event in the US, resulting in martial law and suspension of the Constitutional rights and freedoms of the ordinary citizen. The chances of this occuring before the '08 election are rather high.

The entire planet will then go to DEFCON 5. There may be a brief period of "diplomacy", during which some bargaining will occur among nuclear-capable states. Governments will calculate acceptable casualty rates in hundreds of thousands and ruling elites will concentrate their efforts in devising personal survival strategies and mechanisms, caring little about the fate of their citizens.

. . . to be continued . . .

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