The Real War and The Great Diversion, Part 3

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It may indeed seem that, in the first two installments of this series, I've painted an "apocalypse tomorrow" picture. I hope, because I don't want to die in a nuclear holocaust or survive to become another cockroach in the "broken rabble", that I'm full of shit. It's just that I do not see a force on this planet that can counter, then overcome, the global power, velocity, and momentum of the evil, destructive monsters driving late stage capitalism. It is a black snowball that started small late in the 19th century at the top of a mountain fifty times higher than Mt Everest and has been rolling down on us, without much impedence to speak of, ever since. Now it's about fifty yards above us and is the size of the our planet itself. Even if the tragic scenario I have outlined doesn't happen exactly, the chances of one or more very large scale "oh, shit" events in the near future are highly likely. With that in mind, let me continue apace . . .

The days of Tip O'Neill and "all politics are local" are deader and more deeply buried than the Titanic. The Reagan Revolution wiped out all but the last vestiges of "old liberalism", then only hanging on by a thread by the end of the transitional presidency of Billy Carter. Incumbent liberals who weren't shredded by Ronnie's razor-wired coattails surrendered (Bill Bradley and Pat Schroeder, for example) or converted (Joe Lieberman). Pretty much everybody (except Kennedy, who was too drunk in those days to know what was going on, and Byrd, who will probably trash Thurmond's record for "longest sitting southern-fried senator" - mostly because he learned how to "sip" Jack Daniels rather than chug Scotch) bailed out and the word "liberal" somehow lost two letters, then morphed into "neoliberal", then threw on a "progressive" sweatshirt.

The truth is that all politics are not only not local . . . they're not even national. American politics is a sideshow, just a part of The Great Diversion . . .

The people (and they are just that - just people) who are the wealthiest and most powerful on the planet and who ultimately hold the purse strings of the global macroeconomy, number in the vicinity of just under ten thousand, give or take. Their not quite so rich, but still mighty powerful, henchmen number maybe a million. Most of them are not adverse to war, even (or especially) on a global scale. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers played both sides in both World Wars. They funded the creation of Israel, but make sure that all the toys of war are available to everyone. Although not all of these "supreme beings" are supporters of the globalist New World Order, the great majority are. For example, the connection between the Rockefellers and the Bushes can be traced easily and directly back to Doubleduh's great-grandfather, Samuel P. Bush. A more recent embodiment of the Bush family's involvement in international finance and war mongering is exemplified in George HW Bush's affiliation (not to mention Doubleduh hisself) with the Carlyle Group. Other affilates of Carlyle include or have included Colin Powell, George Soros (who pledged mucho dinero to the Dems in '04 and probably since then), John Snow, Frank Carlucci, Madeleine Albright's daughter, members of the bin Laden family, and several Clinton Administration higher-ups. The fact that Bill Clinton and GHW Bush are chummy and have joined forces to lead "humanitarian" projects should not be surprising, but should be highly suspect.

The United States' citizenry, as such, is in deep doo-doo. Our debt is astronomical and the country is less and less owned by Americans. This has been coming, sometimes quickly, sometimes not so, at least since the end of WWII, if not for over a century. Our most valuable assets remaining in 2006, as far as the financiers are concerned, are our military might, our fear, and our stupidity. Pretty much everything else has been either sold outright or mortgaged to the hilt. We will end up forfeiting most of the mortgages.

The Great Diversion has been gaining steam since WWII:

  • Children are no longer educated - they are trained. My school teacher father saw this in the '50's. It made him seriously depressed and otherwise seriously ill. He died in 1960 of a broken heart. With individual exceptions, the amount of parental involvement in their children's education has sunk to a shameful low. The rise of "christian" faith-based schools is scary (I graduated from Boston College High School - Catholic/Jesuit. It had its bias, but the concentration was on academics and sports). Public schools are underfunded; federal support will continue to dwindle (there's a war on, y'know) and local citizens don't want their taxes raised (yuh get whut yuh pay for, Billy Bob). It'll get worse.

  • Forget the mainstream media. It's sunk to a propaganda machine/strip mall. It is the heart (and soul) of The Great Diversion. Note very well Hillary Clinton's public kissing of Rupert Murdoch's ass. MSM news doesn't report 90% of what's really going on; the other 10% is spin and outright lies. Hollow-wood makes its billions selling violence, sex (including porn), and fantasy.

  • The labor movement, in large part crippled by the Mafia and general corruption in the fifties and sixties, was ripe for the kill when Ronnie came along. The "every man for himself" and "get the lazy poor off welfare" mantras were a death knell. The head-shots was the PATCO farce and the Clinton social policies. The existing unions that still managed to survive are part of The Great Diversion. They have little if any power against the fascist monster, unable to protect worker security, safety, health, welfare, and retirement. The AFL-CIO? Fuggedaboudit. I really don't know how I feel about Mexican immigration, but I do know that it will further weaken the status of labor. What's gonna happen to all these folks when the housing/construction market tanks?

  • Left completely to "free-market" forces, the health care industry has abandoned the poor and the old to concentrate on The Great Diversion by concentrating on expensive high-end technologies and pharmaceuticals. The new miracles are accessible only to the upper-middle classes and above.

  • The New Deal is dead. Johnson's Great Society never was. Over the next few years, we will see the cornerstone of The Great Diversion - The American Middle class - begin to erode. The buy-off mechanisms - cheap gas, high wages in new technologies, fortunes made in stocks through market funds, and cheap credit (including mortgages and car loans) - cannot be sustained. A major bete noir that drove Roosevelt to the brink of socialism was the menacing spectre of communism. It won't happen again. As I noted earlier, all the boiled frogs in the middle class will take a long time to realize they've been scammed by The Great Diversion. By that time, the security state now being built will be ready for the forces of rebellion. Be ready for 1984 meets The Gulag on crack. And don't be surprised when the Men behind the Man Behind the Curtain show their ugly faces.

. . . to be continued . . .

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