The Real War and The Great Diversion, Part 4

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I am fully aware that, in the first three parts of this piece, I have painted a very bleak picture. I don't think I'm a crackpot, although I can understand that more optimistic minds might conclude that I am.

I also realize that the structure of this piece could be more organized and thorough. My writing could use some improvement, and I'm working on that. In the final three installments, I'll attempt to summarize, briefly, what I've said so far, expand my arguments in other ways, and offer what I believe are some potentially effective solutions.

My main purpose in writing this piece is to argue (1) that the continued involvement by the Left in the US, especially the "progressive wing of the Democratic Party" is a total waste of time and will not contribute to a meaningful solution; (2) that The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang's regime is certainly problematic, but not the problem; and (3) that although the short-term outlook may not be as apocalyptic and immediate as I think, I am certain that the overall situation, both domestically and globally, is much worse than described by even the best and the brightest in the political spectrum from progressive democrats through radical socialists/Marxists/anarchists and libertarians.

I propose that both the solutions and strategies offered by 99% of the Left is presently insufficient to accomplish anything more than small, incremental pressures against the ruling class and its financiers. Even the farthest Left, to a decisive degree, are caught up in, or at least disabled by, The Great Diversion.

The paradigm shift required to effect the changes necessary to avoid something like an apocalypse must be radically more dynamic and far reaching than most anything I've seen put forward so far. Short of that shift, I believe that the human race and the biosphere will look something like the settings and societies portrayed in Blade Runner, Road Warrior, and The Terminator combined, or worse.

Let me summarize my reasons for believing this . . .

In the United States:

  • the federal government, all three branches, is a wholly owned subsidiary of globalist financiers. At best, they will use The Great Diversion in 2008 to fund and "elect" an administration which is even more dangerous than The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang, but is more competent in telling the right lies and is cosmetically more attractive. A Harrison Ford-Olympia Snow ticket might work. The only other alternative is a false-flag Reichstag event.

  • the economy, built on debt, is in grave danger. Without fundamental changes, there will be a major collapse in early 2009. It will make The Great Depression look like a minor head cold.

  • The Great Diversion, which might also just be called "Americanism", pervades 95% of all American society. Its main characteristics include terminal narcissism, the religion of Materialism, addiction to entertainment, ignorance born of jingoism, a national inability to think conceptually, magic thinking, refusal to accept personal responsibility and make meaningful sacrifices for the common good, and massive, unremitting denial.

In the next installment, I'll summarize the global situation, and draw final conclusions.

. . . to be continued . . .

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