The Real War and the Great Diversion, Part 5

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  • as capitalism moves into its final phase, of dialectical necessity it has begun to create its own destruction and the forces of that destruction

  • as the US hypocritically plays both its non-proliferation and expansionist cards, the balance of cold-war mutually assured destruction (MAD) has evolved into globally assured destruction (GAD)

  • the industrial revolution, heralded in the past 100+ years as a boon to mankind, has resulted in the rapid depletion of resources, while generating population growth and fierce competition for disappearing resources

  • what has been identified as "World War I" and "World War II" can now be seen as two chapters in "The Great World War", as boundaries and alliances are redrawn

So where are the solutions? They must be found at the popular level, in movements of cooperation; politics with a spiritual base; reduction in energy-inefficient economies; development of sustainable, democratic, and intentional communities; sacrifice for the common good; and meta-knowledge.

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