So . . . Effing . . . What?

It really doesn't take much these days, y'know? In a couple hours hundreds of seedy neighborhood microbreweries throughout the cuntry will be jest a teemin' with thousands a' giddy lefty types har-harin' 'bout the news a' the day. Goss is hist'ry jest ahead a' Hookergate. Neil Young's "Shock and Awe" (soon to be #1 with a bullet) will blast outta the jukies over and over and over and . . . well, you get the pitcher.

Meanwhile, yet another Kennedy DUI's his political career into a Jersey barrier (in Massachusetts we call'em "Kennedy Sanddunes"). Heh, he initially claimed he was on Ambien. Um, sorry, Patrick, but it's illegal to drive on that shit, too. The Capitol Police otta just take the whole families' keys and throw 'em in the Potomac - although one of them will probably drown tryin' to retrieve 'em from the bottom.

The DNC-DLC-MOUSE is frantic trying to revise their stratgy for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in '08. Don't worry Howard! Yuh got plenty a' time to fuck this one up, too. Try firing a few more gays and lefties and feminists and folks who still believe your bullshit.

Maybe all these retired generals will raise an army and save us all from Rummy. Yuh think?

Oh, yeah . . . BIG story: Gannon finally outs his sorry ass. Keeeerist!

The good folks at Stop Me . . . point to a piece by Paul Waldman at Tom Paine that I can only identify as "The Duh of the Day". A representative slice:
The reason for all this is the need to find a counter to what I call the Four Pillars of Conservatism. If you ask ordinary citizens what conservatives stand for, chances are they’ll give you some version of the Four Pillars: small government, low taxes, strong defense and traditional values. This forms the core of conservative identity, a simple, easily understood core of beliefs that gets repeated over and over. But if you ask people what liberals stand for, chances are they’ll give you the conservative caricature of liberals: big government, high taxes, weak defense, moral relativism.

This is no accident. Unlike liberals, conservatives have understood that articulating contrasts is essential to building a political identity. It isn’t just about who you are, it’s about who your opponents are as well. Each of the Four Pillars of Conservatism implies its opposite, the bad thing liberals are supposed to favor. So when progressives articulate their fundamental beliefs, they have to present a coin with two sides: the positive things they want people to believe about them, and the negative things they want people to believe about conservatives.

This is why I offer a variant of the “common good” idea, one that is likely to perform its political function more effectively. The answer to the question, “What do progressives believe at their core?” is this: Progressives believe we’re all in it together.

One might ask, isn’t this just a quibble over language? It is most definitely about language, but it’s anything but a quibble. First and most importantly, my formulation implies its opposite: while progressives believe we’re all in it together, conservatives believe we’re all on our own and we’re all out for ourselves.
Tom, lookee here. No matter how cleverly you market bullshit, it's still b u l l s h i t.

Need another nap (and some Seraquel). Later.
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