Help Wanted

Well, hi there!

Sabbatical's almost over. What with working, blogging, and trying to deal with being crazy, I realized I hadn't really taken any time for reflection and relaxtion for about ten years. Not a good idea for an old guy, n'est-çe pas?

Sometime this weekend, if the trend continues, this humble bwog'll hit the 10K hit mark - just shows yuh that some folks'll read 'bout INNYdamnthang. Actually not bad, considering how many mistakes I've made (and how damn marginalized are folks that think like I do). My major learning experience the past three months is (a) I'm even crazier than I thought I was and (b) even though I despise the fascist pharma pigs, they DO have some rather effective pills these days.

Anyway, I'm in the process of restarting my engine . . . but no promises about post frequency. So, about the "help wanted" thingy:

1. After four years of working for the university (can't believe they never caught me posting), I left last month. Been trying to figure out what I wanna be if I grow up. I just might post my resume here soon, but for now . . .

  • I've done everything from driving a cab to in-the-trenches community organizing to being a social worker and managment and organizational developer to running a large agency to being a researcher

  • I've got great skills in process management, communication, negotiation/arbitration,, systems analysis, and white-water rafting

  • Money is not my primary motivation

  • I'm great with animals and children (in that order)

  • I'm funny and good looking and love Burmese food

  • if I don't flee from the South back to the Notheast pretty soon, I'm gonna suffocate

So if yuh got any bright ideas, leave a comment. (Uh, I also don't have a woman in my life either, so got look at my ad at Yahoo! Personals ("Have you ever heard of Davis Grubb?")

2. I'm looking for contributors to this blog. If you're an extreme, out-of-the-box, smart lefty who agrees with the "The Real War and the Great Diversion", as well as the content of "About P!", and you'd like to be an official P-Banger, leave a omment. Cross-posters are welcome.

3. I could use some help and feedback on blogging about the "broken rabble led by brutal warlords" stuff - things like intentional communities, non-violent survival, village building, and like that there.

Thanks. See yuh.

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